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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring Stitching

There are many projects buzzing about in my little home... some are for the home and some are stitches "just for nice"! :-) For now, I'll just share the stitchy news!

Remember that really nice project bag that was gifted to me by Kyle? Well. Here is the very first project to occupy said project bag...

It is from a freebie chart called Shamrock Basket. You can find it on Notforgotten Farm's blog by clicking HERE. With the exception of the vase, I used the charted DMC threads. The fabric I used (14ct Gold Sparkle Aida) was a bit too light.... so I had to use a darker color than the charted cream. Kinda looks lavender? But, It is actually one strand of a light grey and one strand of white. Even then, it was necessary to backstitch around the vase for even more contrast to the fabric. Anyways, it was a relaxing stitch! Thank you, Lori!

Here's a sneak peek at the next project... it's a stitch along that will begin in June...

I'm really breaking away from the darks of primitive decorating and embracing fresh whites, creams and brighter colors! As you can see from the floss, this stitch along is going to be all that and more! :-)

Another thing I discovered is that a stitcher needs to take some time to try different fabrics and threads before giving up on the art. I was having difficulty stitching on 36 count linen... too small and "floppy"... caused eye strain and slowed down the stitching because I kept loosing count of threads. So then I tried the classic 14 count aida. While easy to stitch on, I did not like the look of the aida in the background of my finished pieces. Weave/holes too big. And just when I was about to give up on cross stitch all together, I tried a piece of 32 count Jobelan evenweave that I had in stash! Love it! It's soft, but firm enough to be easy to stitch on. And, I like the look of it (in the background of the stitching). 

Here's a current project called "Little Summer Sampler" by La-D-Da. I'll be stitching more on this today.

I had kitted this up last year with the charted Weeks Dye Works threads. But, as I'm stitching on it, I'm finding I like the DMC equivalent colors more. This has been a frequent thing with me lately. The hand dyed threads are so solid (no shading) in color, and the dye lots can change dramatically. One order it's a gold, the next order (same color name) will be brown? Too expensive and very frustrating. So, I keep a good stash of DMC... so when the stitching mojo is going good.... I don't have to stop to throw a fit about color issues? lol!

The Green Star quilt is nearly finished! It started with three boxes of the "Baker's Dozen" laser cut star blocks from Laundry Basket quilts. I then used some creams/neutrals from "Secret Stash Neutral" (Laundry Basket Quilts) and "Tall Grass" (Heartspun Quilts) to add some sashing between the stars. Then I took the greens from "Tall Grass" (Heartspun Quilts) and added a good sized border. The backing is pieced with mystery fabric from Jean Horton of Country Sampler Quilt Shop... as well as the binding. The quilting (as it is in the picture) is simple "in the ditch quilting" to get it all together. But, I'm waiting for some hand quilting thread to arrive. When that gets here, I will add some hand quilting to the border and center of the starts. I'll take more pics of the quilting when it's finished.

The basket full of wool that is on top of the quilt, is a current eBay auction... along with some more cross stitch kits. If you are interested in viewing and/or bidding on the auctions, click HERE.

Which brings us to my current passion... brighter colors and flowers!!!! :-) I'm all into these Little Box of Figs! While my official subscription does not start until next month, I was able to grab up one of the "extras" that was technically the last box of last years annual subscription.

This box included the "Buttercup" quilt pattern (and the fabrics to make it), a bee themed mini notepad, some sewing themed bandaids, a brush set for cleaning your sewing machine, some sewing themed charms and a bonus charm pack of Figs & Shirtings. LOVE the "Buttercup" mini quilt pattern so much! I'll be sewing that up this weekend! :-)

As usual... there's PLENTY more to share! But, I'll let you go wander on to read some other blogs for now... just be sure to return real soon for some more quilty and cross stitchety happenings here! 



  1. Through your writing I can feel your enthusiasm for your stitching and your new direction in colors.
    Love the little shamrock basket.
    Random color changes would be very frustrating. I can see why you would opt for the DMC threads.
    The green stars quilt is very cozy looking. Your hand quilting will be a nice bit of frosting.
    Little Boxes of Figs look like a lot of fun and sunshine!

  2. I like the sweet little Shamrock basket pillow and the lovely quilt but I see that Berwyn think that he is the real star. I just love those colors.

    Whenever I used embroidery thread for cross stitch, I've always used DMC and I like that the colors won't run when washed.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. All I can say is WOW! You have so busy! How wonderful it all is! this time of year we are all looking for color I think. Love the quilt and the stitching.

  4. Your newest pillow is darling, Sharon! Thank you for the link to that freebie--hadn't seen it yet :) Your newest project has such pretty colors--perfect for a spring stitch.

    I'm with you on the overdyed threads. I find my stress level is much higher when working with them as the dye lots look so different from the cover photos. And that is why I purchased the chart initially--because I liked the way the project looked on the cover. Sigh... I often end up doing my own conversion which takes time and is stressful. I think that's why I enjoy stitching Prairie Schooler designs so much--no stress with good old DMC threads :)

    Enjoy your week--hope you have lots of quilting/stitching time!

  5. So many fun things! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your quilt.
    So what other news do you have (wink, wink)???

  6. I'm so glad your project bag has been so busy. You have been super busy both with stitching and quilting. I'm beginning to feel the same way about overdye floss and DMC. When the color in the picture is so different, it is disappointing. I'm beginning to feel brave enough to choosing my own substitutions. Love the new Fig Tree projects.

  7. I like your little shamrocks. I will need to mark that one for next year and that summer sampler is really calling my name. I have found the same thing as you with those dye lots. If you are using a linen large enough to use two strands you can usually mix two colors and get a nice look. I don't know but I am just partial to my good ole DMC. The quilt is so pretty. I admire the handiwork.

  8. Good morning. Your quilt is absolutely fabulous! Yes, I agree, green is the way to go. LOL I've found issues with the over dyes, too. Just finished a small piece that called for a color that was NO WAY the same as the picture. Not even in the same color family anymore. When I started stitching, I only used DMC. I've definitely added to my collection over the years and seem to be using it more and more. I've noticed that there are a few designers that are going back to the basics. A nice change. If I want the over dyes, I can always chose my own. Have a wonderful week.

  9. That La D Da sampler is going to be sweet. I find that I mostly want to stitch traditional samplers. How does it go with eBay? I have some old charts I want to list, but can’t decide if it would be worth the effort.

  10. Everything you are working on is just beautiful Sharon. I especially love that little Shamrock cushion - she has some gorgeous patterns over at Notforgotten Farm. I have tried to reply to your kind comment on my blog but my email keeps coming back to me - my apologies. Have a great weekend (its Friday here)😊 Julie xx