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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lucky O'Green!

So happy that March is here! It's the month of GREEN... my favorite color! Green is the color of new beginnings, of life and of SPRING!!! Ten more days until the official first day of Spring here in the states. A little teaser of weather is here now... 60's during the day, glorious sunshine and warmer breezes! We've been opening the windows for a bit during the days and enjoying some fresh air! Such a refresher for the spirit!

I did have some luck in February too! Kyle of Timeless Reflections blog was trying her hand at making project bags. She made quite a few of them and had offered a few as giveaways. I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the patriotic one! It is beautifully made and I love the clear vinyl front! Kyle also included a pattern for a Stars & Stripes quilt block. I'm looking forward to stitching it up for this Summer! Thanks so much!

My current cross stitch project is already "in the bag"... more details on that when I complete it! :-)

Also in the works is a GREEN quilt! There are many books about the ever popular Red & White and Blue & White quilts... I've always wondered, why not Green & White quilts? So, when I read that Laundry Basket Quilts was offering Quilter's Dozens... I ordered up 3 packs of the green ones! :-) Quilter's Dozen contains all the (laser) precut pieces to make 12 star blocks. My plans were to sew up 36 stars (got that done)... then add some cornerstones, sashing and a wide border... to make a good sized lap quilt. I'm still cutting the sashing and cornerstones.... but, here is the pile of 36 completed star blocks! FUN!

Santa Baby... he was a tremendous amount of stitches, but he is done. He's all pressed and tucked away in a box waiting until later in the year for a full finish. I simply had to get Christmas away for now... leaves me a few months to decide on fabrics to finish him into a decorative pillow. Hopefully I can get a better picture of him by then too... the background is a lot brighter and has sparkle threads in it. So pretty!

And here is Mr. Berwyn! He's all warm in a quilt next to the radiator. His "friend" is a squirrel toy. It's actually sold as a dog toy... but, Berwyn gets so excited when he sees a squirrel out the window... that we had to get him this toy so he can pretend to "take care of" that rotten squirrel... lol!

And paws... who can resist cute little cat paws? *sigh*

It seems the more I look, the more I find stash that I no longer have an interest in... if you need some quilt fabric, rug hooking patterns or cross stitch patterns... my most recent listings (beginning 8:30 pm EST tonight) can be seen HERE.

My current stitchy interests have been quilt kits, BOM's and small cross stitch projects. And now that the weather is becoming more favorable for outdoor endeavors... more time will be devoted to the yard and, of course, Spring cleaning! Yay! :-)

Rejoice and be happy! We only get one go 'round! :-)



  1. I love spring too Sharon ... though we are going into autumn here. Like you, I always think of spring as new beginnings & Hope. Your win is great - I would've been most happy to win that also. Berwyn is so beautiful - how I wish I could reach into my screen & give him a gentle pat. Happy Thursday to you Sharon. xx

  2. Oh, another lucky winner of one of Kyle's bags. Perfect for a cross-stitch project!
    A green and white quilt sounds great! I love green--most of the carpet in my home is either sage green, teal green, or forest green. Why not do a unique two-color quilt? I am doing a purple/cream right now.
    Santa appears to be very merry--and Berwyn looks really satisfied to have conquered that squirrel! :)

  3. Green and white is very fresh looking very spring! I have started spring cleaning just a bit I washed down all my cupboard fronts in the kitchen I have been weeding out since this whole covid thing started.
    happy spring

  4. Although green isn't my favorite color like it is yours, Sharon, I still love seeing it popping up all over the place this time of year! So fresh and new--and this year it seems even better now that we are slowly emerging from our year of Covid. Your Santa is darling as is your kitty! I've begun Spring cleaning, too--kind of doing it in fits and spurts... The older I get, the longer it takes me :) Enjoy your day!

  5. Love the Santa...so retro!! Like you I do not have many green stitches. I guess I prefer Easter Stitching to St Patrick's day stitching. I have done a bit of spring cleaning but more to be done.

  6. Oh I love those green star quilt blocks. I love the color of the fabrics. It's so me. The retro Santa looks great and I'm sure the cross stitch will have more to show next time.

    I slowly started my spring cleaning in the sunroom. I chopped down one of my huge poinsettia and I severely trimmed one of my huge Jade plant. All my plants have grown so much this winter that they have taken over the whole room and there no room for me in there. Soon I'll be able to see green outdoors.

  7. This is a post filled with "happy"! I, too, have always loved green...as did my mum. When we had to sell the farm after my father died, she built a modest pre-fab type home and the walls and carpeting were all shades of green. After the early 80's "colonial blues" and "mauves," I did greens too...but eventually changed it out for my more primitive palette. But I've never lost my love for it. I think that is why I always try to stitch a small piece each year for St. Patrick's Day...for an excuse to have green! (Except, not this year LOL) I did not know you could get precut quilt pieces! That was the one step of quilting I disliked the most. Congrats on your AWESOME win. I love project bags and have a few I have purchased on Etsy. It's fun to have a seasonal one for seasonal projects. Will Kyle be selling hers somewhere? They look very nicely done. And dear, sweet, Berwyn.... He just make friends with that squirrel yet LOL. Yeah...kitteh paws....they melt my heart. ~Robin~

  8. Mr. Berwyn's paw is adorable. I just want to reach out and love it.
    I spied a blue hoop like mine in that project bag. I thought I was the only one who still used those. I have three sizes and use two of them regularly. I learned on a hoop. My first hoop was a metal one with a spring to let it move over the other piece. I still love a hoop in my hand better than anything else. My mom is a green person. I am a blue lover, but I am so happy to see green everywhere. The weather has been so nice.

  9. I'm so glad you have a project already in the bag! Green quilts just have been as popular as the other combos. Looks like you have some beautiful greens to work with. We have no green showing outside for the moment. We're expecting the snowstorm of the century this weekend according to the weather guys. We'll see.

  10. Love your project bag. Congrats on the win. One of the hookers at the retreat who is an incredible sewer had a few. I hope we convinced her to bring some to sell at the next retreat.
    Santa Baby is adorable and I know your quilt will be awesome.
    Pug hugs to Berwyn ;-)

  11. Sharon, that green and white quilt is going to be gorgeous! The project bag is so pretty too. And the kitty??!!! That is adorable with that squirrel! Lots of stitches, but a big pay off on Santa-he's great!