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Sunday, January 3, 2021


On New Year's Day, I usually begin to notice the extra bits of daylight at the end of the day.... especially on a clear, sunny day! This is the day when I take down the outside Christmas decorations and begin to dream of Spring! :-) This brings an extra surge of energy to get things done! So, each day, I've been taking a bit of time to tidy part of the house, then indulge in a little bit of stitching, then take care of some much needed paperwork, then a little bit of sewing, then a couple more have-to's about the house, then play with some colorful fabrics...and even the wool has been put on alert to get get ready to be hooked into a rug! :-) It's been a good balance that I hope to continue throughout the year.

In December I had signed up for Fat Quarter Shop's Stitch Quarterly. Each kit is a surprise seasonal cross stitch design with the fabric and floss to complete the pattern...as well as a couple of cross stitch related notions. This month's theme was "Santa Baby"... and I loved everything about this kit! 

I was a little slow to get started, but have make some progress. While tempted to put Santa away for a few months... I'm going to stick to it, and finish the stitching part of the design before I start on a different project. After all of the Christmas decorations have been put away, the house is a bit bare... so I "should" be stitching some Valentine's... maybe next weekend.

We had a quiet Christmas... and while hubby and I were happy with a meal and pounds of cookies... Berwyn really wanted a present just for him. He must have written a secret letter to Santa... because one day last week, this showed up...

Hope you had some good laughs while watching that! Now that he's more familiar with it, he REALLY goes bonkers with it! :-)

My plan for this year is to "Enjoy My Stash"! I went overboard with purchasing cross stitch patterns, fabrics and floss most of last year. And, I ended the year with a bit of a celebration with a quilt kit acquisition frenzy! ;-) All I can say is that I signed on for one Block of the Month, one quarterly quilty subscription and one sew along... the remainder of projects were either in stash, or will be stash in the next couple of days...lol! Think Laundry Basket Quilts, Betsy Chutchian, Fig Tree Quilts, Lori Holt and Jan Patek... that's going to be my year in quilts! 

My year in cross stitch will be one or two large reproduction samplers...with many smalls. I also have plans for a full coverage piece. The pattern was puchased last year as a Birthday present... I have yet to commit to the fabric and floss (and get started on it for that matter)! ;-) All in good time...

And while absent from my hands for far too long... I'm feeling the need for some woolly creations! A bit of applique and definitely a hooked rug or two!

It's all in good fun...and definitely a therapeutic bliss! 

"May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand."

I'm not Irish.... but I have always liked that blessing... :-)



  1. You sound like me, things have gotten so crazy lately, I don't seem to have time for my regular crafts, so hopefully I can get more done this year and work on my unfinished quilts. I love that fish, that is so funny.


  2. I was watching a WIP parade on Floss Tube and one of the stitchers, Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow, said she over bought last year because it made her feed better amidst the pandemic. I guess we all need to raise our hands to that one.lol I was brutal going through my stash at the end of the year. I have a pile waiting for my friend at North Alabama Stitchers to pick them up and use them for door prizes for the stitching days. I am staying away from the stitching meet ups until I get the vaccine. Just trying to be careful. I realized I had so many things that were impulse purchases. And for some reason, I am more interested in samplers lately. Blackbird Designs has become a new favorite. Looking forward to seeing all the works of your hands here on the blog. Happy New Year!!

  3. I hear you! I know I bought more online fabric than ever this past year. And I didn't feel a bit bad about it, either. Looking forward to using some of it, and I look forward to seeing your fun cross-stitch kits.
    Berwyn and the fish make for great entertainment! :)
    I've always loved that Irish Blessing, too.

  4. That sounds like a very ambitious productive year in the stitching and hooking department. Although I'm retired I never seem to have picked up anything that has to do with needle work lately.

    I'll be happy to follow your progress as you go along. Your work is always done to perfection.

    I enjoyed the happy Berwyn mini movie. He sure is a happy cat.

    Happy New Year. Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. You have a lot to look forward to doing in the new year! I thought I went a bit overboard with rug patterns but I do not hold a candle to you.

  6. Oh, the lengthening of the days in January always makes me smile, too, Sharon! The lack of light really affects my mood and Januarys are tough for me... Oh, Berwyn's new fish toy is fabulous--I may just have to get one for my "grandcat" who shares my birthday next week :) Happy 2021 to you!

  7. Did I know you were a quilter too? Yikes, you do it all! I did not get much accomplished this year it seems compared to most... I like your routine of fun/not-so-fun tasks. I have a strange annoying quirk of feeling like I can't do any crafting until evening time. I think it harkens back to my growing up on a farm and being taught that you must work while you can (i.e., make hay when the sunshine kind of thing). So I have always felt guilty sitting down to stitch or hook during the day....especially when I KNOW there are things that I "should" be doing other than "playing." Oh well....too late for therapy now LOL. And love the Berwyn film....I know so many cats who got those this year.... I was told I was not to get my kitties one. :-( I will be looking forward to following along on your achievements throughout the year. ~Robin~

  8. Love hearing your wonderful plans for the new year. Seize the moments!

  9. Oh yes to January and the beginning of lighter days. I can even take cold as long as the sun is shining and the days are slowing lengthening. I too am still working on a Christmas stitch. I love tackling the home in January and getting everything back in order, but I also love to do some crafty things. I was just thinking I would like to maybe sew something this month. We will see. The Irish verse has always been a favorite. I just finished cross stitching a portion of it.

  10. The video is an absolute hoot. I need to find a floppy fish for my grandcat ;-)
    I'm sure you will have a great "crafty" year and hoping you once again pick up your hook.
    Happy New Year!!!

  11. Very cute video! You are keeping very busy,I am trying to do that too!

  12. I love that blessing too! I wonder if they have a toy like that for doggies? My girl would love it! I wish you luck in all your creative endeavors-they all sound wonderful. Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Sounds like you have a fun and full agenda and are off to a good start!! Keeping our hands busy brings joy to our hearts!!
    Your video kept me laughing, not only at Berwyn, but at all the comments from you and hubby!!!! I wonder what my grand dog Charlotte would think of that flopping fish?? She actually tries to attack the vacuum while it is moving so flopping fish might not be such good idea!!
    Take care and have fun with all your projects!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  14. Your cat is so entertaining, I have to find that fish for my new cat. He is into everything and loves to play like Berwyn. I was going to just stitch from my stash but had to buy Winter Rose Manor as my large stitch for the year. ( I'm very slow) and a BB book. But, I am not starting anything new till I finish my current project. I can't wait for longer days, once it's dark out I have little energy to do much. Stay well. Mary

  15. Your video is so cute and worth watching!! I also like your resolution to "Enjoy my stash" - I think it's a lot more positive and fun than what we often hear - "Use my stash"!