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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November Is Here!

If you guessed QUILT as my next project... you are correct! I had recently purchased a mini quilt kit from Timeless Traditions (Norma Whaley)... she puts so much care into her kits... most of the fabric was cut to the size needed... so, this was a quick stitch! It was nice to sit at the machine and indulge in a little bit of piecing. 

It's one of her new patterns called "Pumpkin Patch". While there aren't any kits remaining, the pattern is still available. It finishes up at 18" x 18". That's as far as I got... just the top... now... who wants to quilt it for me? lol! ;-)

In my last post, I had indicated that I was a bit tired of cross stitching. Well... I just could not stay away for long. I had this kit in my stash since October 2019...

It's titled "Halloween Kitty" by Jeanette Crews Designs. It's on a light blue 14 ct aida and uses DMC threads. I'm enjoying stitching on this very much... though I'm a bit surprised at how many 1/4 stitches there are? And yes... there will be plenty of backstitching for added details. Hopefully I can share a finish by Thanksgiving!

My favorite flowers are Mums! I usually find one of those 4 for something deals and buy a dozen or so for decorating around the yard. This year I settled for just one. And it's a real beauty! 

When I purchased it, the buds had just started to open and they looked burgundy. But, the label on the pot had a picture of an orange colored bloom. Sure enough, as the flowers started to completely open, they turned a dark rust! Never seen one this color before. I love it! This one will definitely get planted in the garden so that I can enjoy it again next year!

The other exciting thing we did in October was finally take the plunge and purchase smart phones! Yep... we had flip phones with a keyboard (for texting) for the last 10 (or so) years. Now with Doctors encouraging "video visits" and so many other daily functions needing smart phone technology, we figured it was time. Sure, it's taking a bit of time to get used to... but, overall it's kind of fun! 

All in all, It was an enjoyable and quick October. We managed to stay healthy, all the while getting in some activities (with the PPE and social distancing) outside of the home. And now that it is colder and less daylight, we are settling into our indoor hobbies more and more.

I've gone too many posts without a pic of Berwyn! When I watch flosstube, I usually have my feet up on the table (it's my quilting table)... and Berwyn sometimes decides he's going to nap on my lap. This was his pose the other evening...

Eyes covered... but what a cute little nose! :-)

Be safe, stay healthy and (now that it's colder) enjoy a little bit of cozy! :-)



  1. That is a lovely color. I have several potted Mums that were given to me but I have never replanted them in the garden. I never knew if they would over winter. We live in Zone 5 and our winters are pretty cold.

    Your little Halloween quilt top looks so nice. I'm having difficulty seeing well enough to do cross stitch. My cataracts are not ripe enough to be removed yet.

    Berwyn will keep you warm this winter.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Ahhhhh.....what a sweet lil' guy Berwyn is!! Love his name. Your quilt is adorable....and I am really liking your Halloween kitty. I'll be anxious to see your finish of that. I really love mums too, but they are so tricky here....If you buy them too soon, the blooms are long spent...you wait too long, and they usually freeze off unless you cover them repeatedly. And yeah....we have to buy a special kind of "hardy" mum in order for them to be planted and come back...and they never look anything like these specialty mums. Enjoy while you can! We are in for a few days of unseasonably warm and pleasant weather....albeit windy...so that will be welcome after the several snowfalls we've experienced. Stay well and cozy! ~Robin~

  3. I love that design of Norma's!
    That is really a cool looking Halloween stitchery.
    What a gorgeous color of Mum!
    And Berwyn really knows how to make the most of an autumn evening. :)

  4. I wish I could quilt....I love them so but in the past when I tried it I got too frustrated when the seams did not match exactly.lol Cross stitching calms me down so I guess I will be doing some today!! I have an appt at the eye dr and hope to get some new glasses ordered. Happy November.

  5. I don't do cross stitch and think it would drive me crazy. Your Halloween Cat stitchery is too dang cute!!!! Love it and looking forward to you showing the finish. Your curled and sweet Berwyn looks like a cat pillow I made and sold back in the day. I will send you a photo of it separately.

  6. Oops, guess I won't send a photo because I can't find your email address.

  7. What a fun little quilt and the Halloween kitty is too cute.
    Thanks for the Berwyn "fix". I never tire of seeing pics of him.
    Congrats on the smart phones. Mine is a 1000 times smarter than me but I'd be lost without it.
    November? How???

  8. How fun to sew up a delightful October mini that was packaged for efficient and easy piecing with great fabrics as well. Welcome to the world of smartphones. It's become a normal everyday device.

  9. That quilt is the best!!! What gorgeous colors! And I love your Halloween Kitty (both of them!). That is going to be really pretty!

  10. Just love your new xstitch start! And your little quilt top is adorable..