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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Grab those reading glasses and have a seat!

So glad to bid adieu to the heat and humidity of Summer! Autumn is here and I have been embracing every second of the day! The cool breezes, the golden sunshine, the elongated shadows of the undressing trees... the falling leaves... the pumpkins... the baking... and a little bit of spooky! ahhhhh! Brew yourself a hot cuppa and get comfy... there's a whole lotta "stuff" in this post! :-)

This will be short... the squirrels won! THIS year anyways... Next year I will be prepared with what I'm referring to as a "veggie-coop"! It will be four walls and a cover that will consist of a wooden frame covered with chicken wire. The wood parts will be sprayed with capsaicin (hot pepper spray) so hopefully they won't try to chew through it. *sigh* All for the love of tomatoes...

At long last... it's finished! :-) I admired the design so much that I wanted it stitched to display in my home. I enjoyed stitching the border... the letters and words were quick and fun... but that BIG honkin' house nearly was the end of it! lol! So much red, cream, red, cream, black, white, black white... when I was stitching all of those repetitive colors up close... it did not look attractive at all... and, in fact, I almost just gave up and tossed it in the trash! But, I kept looking at that lovely border... and continued to just push through the house and finish it. Good thing I did... because after those urns of flowers and flags began to appear, the WHOLE piece just LIT UP and became a HAPPY STITCH! I love it! I'm so looking forward to finding the perfect frame for it too!

Just to give you an idea... the whole piece finishes up at 13-1/2" x 13-1/2"... and the house (by itself) is an area of 6" x 8" of SOLID stitching. Definitely worth the time and effort dedicated to it for sure!

Lisa is one of my top 3 flosstubes that I look forward to watching. I sit and watch the whole episode from beginning to end each time... no distractions, no skipping over sections... just sit and enjoy! The funny thing is... not only is she an awesome stitcher... but it seems she is always stitching what's in MY stash! lol! Her progress on English Garden is amazing! That is one I have kitted in my stash and Lisa has definitely inspired me to get stitching on it soon!

Well... Lisa had offered up a Christmas themed cross stitch magazine as a giveaway... and I was a lucky winner! The angel on the cover is so pretty... so I might stitch that one... and there are about 3 more inside I hope to stitch as well! Definitely a fun win that will keep me stitching for a while! 

If you want to check out the Kindred Stitcher flosstube... click HERE. Looks like there is a recent upload I need to watch...

So far, so good with the new blogger. The only issue I was having was getting notifications emailed to me when someone left a comment on my blog. I think the fix is signing up for a gmail address. If this is the answer... you will know when you receive an emailed reply to your comment! :-)

In my process of downsizing, I've been clearing out a lot of "extra stuff" from my home over recent years. As a result, my decorations are now down to just a few splashes of color throughout the house. 

I've kept mostly handmade (by either myself or fellow artists) pieces... and added a few artificial leaves and vines to accent.

This cat and pumpkin print is actually Made in USA. It is by a father and son team from Lancaster, PA. The son makes the prints and the father assembles the wooden frames. The name of the company is JanMichaels Art & Home. He said they were wholesale only, but sell at local holiday shows. They offer many different designs as well as larger seasonal wooden cutouts and such. It's just so nice to see beautiful and affordable decorating pieces that are handmade here in the USA! :-)

Tired of reading yet? Wanna watch a video instead? lol! Our little taste of normal was being able to attend the Fall Antique Radio Show & Swapmeet at Renninger's Farm Market in Kutztown, PA. The Spring one was cancelled due to COVID-19... but, with some social distance practices, THIS show was permitted to take place. And it was soooooooooo comforting to be able see everyone in person and to enjoy a little piece of normal! 

There were so many autumn and Halloween cross stitch designs released recently... I'm happy (and a bit relieved) to report that I only purchased TWO!

As you may have guessed, they won't be finished for this year's decorating... but we can always look forward to 2021, right? ;-)

Let's see... what else... a new (to me) magazine that you might enjoy as well? I used to read Country Sampler Magazine... but after awhile it just got to be the same stuff in each issue, so I cancelled that subscription. Now, Country Sampler offers a magazine called "Farmhouse Style"...

So many decorating ideas that match my current style. You might like it too! :-)

One more thing... the winner of the Antique Fragment Sampler 1834 was Robin of The Cranky Crow blog. During the nearly two month absence from my blog, I did manage to contact her, get her snail mail address and mail it out to her... lol! 

Hmmmmm... have I covered everything? Is anyone still awake and reading this? :-) What should the next project be? I'll give you a teenie weenie hint...

...it won't be cross stitch! Ha! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I bet that house did seem as though it would never be finished, but it turned out so lovely. AND, I love all those little stitches tucked into corners everywhere. That is what I tend to do as well. They make me happy. I have to do some Flosstube watching soon and will add Kindred Stitcher to the mix. I don't watch a large number but I do have a few favorites. I always loved magazines, but I have noticed that even though there a large number of them that many of them just keep posting the same house over and over. I don't buy so many anymore.

  2. So happy I can finally breathe...lol!
    Grand Old Flag is magnifique!!! That house would have driven me bonkers, too, but with me it would be a very short trip :)
    That angel on the cover of the magazine looks very challenging...even more so than the house.
    So happy you had a bit of normal. Who could have ever imagined that this Chinese virus could destroy so much of this great land that we so dearly love?
    So the next project...hooking, needlepunch or quilting? I bet it's quilting :)
    Stay healthy, my friend, and create on.

  3. OMGosh that house IS huge! Good for you! I would probably have given up. Beautiful finish!

  4. Ahhh...where do I begin??? So much post...so many thoughts tumbling through my head LOL!!! The Grand Old Flag turned out magnificently....I really adore that border. But, yeah....the house thing...I so get it. I started a piece a few years ago and it has 8 houses...in all sorts of repetitive drab colors (in hindsight, I should have changed up the color palette...but I am too chicken to do that usually....) I put it aside and it has been bugging me, so I finally picked it back up again a few nights ago. And thank you, again, for the wonderful chart. I had hoped to post a photo of it with at least a start, but the linen was out of stock....when it finally came a few weeks back, I wasn't sure it was what I wanted...so am still pondering. Had also hoped to finish up the Beast first...but ummm, that isn't happening any time soon. But I will do a proper "thank you" on my blog soon....start or no start LOL. I love your new acquisitions (especially Jack's Urn!!)....and that angel is beautiful....but ambitious! Love, love, LOVE the cat and pumpkin picture....it caught my attention right away. And, yes....I do have a subscription to Farmhouse magazine...unfortunately, haven't managed to get through all the issues yet. (I tend to feel compelled to read the articles completely and then get bored LOL). So happy to see a post from you pop up!!! Hope your October is off to a merrie start! ~Robin~

  5. Your grand old flag is amazing. I am not a stitcher but did years ago I would like to get back to it but feel my eyes would not carry me through. It sounds like you have been busy.
    I get the farmhouse too and enjoy it much better than sampler.

  6. Oh what a lovely piece of stitching!!! Love all your decor and congrats on winning the magazine. I just got my Country Sampler, Christmas edition, and like you, I was looking for ideas to change things up this year. Speaking of your sampler, I am beginning to enjoy sampler stitching more as I have so many small pieces that I do not need a lot more. Samplers take a while but are so lovely when they are done.

  7. The heat won the battle for my garden this year. Our garden is in a raised concrete bed across the west side of our house. It is hard to keep watered in an average summer. With the dry, hot summer we experienced, I couldn't keep up with the watering needs.
    Your cross-stitch is incredible! Good thing you didn't toss that!
    I am using less and less of the "store-bought" holiday decor I have. I haven't even put out any seasonal things for fall/Halloween yet.
    Isn't it great to get back to some of your usual activities, even if we do them masked and from a distance?

  8. Hey Sharon! I LOVE your house cross stitch piece, but I can certainly see how you may have gone bonkers working it. Glad you stuck with it. Your decorating/style is nice...I am trying to minimize, but it just doesn't always work out, ya know? I have been working on some cross stitch and still making quilts. Cannot seem to get to the end...always more I want to do. I am thinking your next project should be a quilt. amiright? Take care, Jacque.

  9. Wowsers! So good to get caught up. I've been x-stitchin a bit and have found it very relaxing.

  10. That new magazine looks very interesting Sharon. I love the pattern book you won .. you will enjoy many projects from that I am sure. Your autumn decor looks so pretty - its lovely to see all the autumnal tones on the overseas blogs as we are in spring here now. Your cross stitch always amazes me - love it. Have a great weekend (its Friday here) xx

  11. Everything is great! Love the mags and the decorations are just perfection. Keep on stitching!

  12. Hi, Sharon! New to your blog. ;-)

    I think your stitch of "Grand Old Flag" is just beautiful. The alternating stitches would make me go cross-eyed. Good on you for sticking it out! It was worth your effort.

    Wow - the angel on the cover of that magazine is stunning.