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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gardening, Stitching and Technology

Today is the day I decide to be brave enough to try the new blogger format! Fingers crossed I can post with the first attempt with minimal grumbles... lol!

With all of the uncertainties of the year.... some by our own creation and some out of our control... I decided to keep the garden small this year. I planted a few handful of annuals and then waited for our perennials to "do their thing" and brighten up the yard a bit.
These Petunias and Salvia were volunteers from last year....I just moved them from the ground to the hanging baskets. Now THAT's my kind of gardening! 😀
We went a little over 5 years without tomatoes... mostly because I had tired of battling the rabbits, squirrel and deer. But, after having enough of the store bought (and even farm stand) mediocre tomatoes... I decided to try our back yard again this year.

While the tomato plants are super healthy... the battle with the squirrels (eating the green tomatoes) has begun! 😡 I'll save that for another post as I have a couple of experiments in progress.. yes, they are humane experiments. But, before I divulge what has been most effective... I'll wait for some proof of success! lol!

Like most of you, it had been quite awhile since I shopped in person at a craft store. About mid July was when I ventured to Hobby Lobby. Mostly stocked up on DMC flosses (to kit some patterns I have)... but, I also found this fun garden stake...
I just thought it was so unique and creative... the yellow corn is even glittered! lol! I guess I should bend a curve in the leaves so it looks a bit more authentic though.

Progress is continuing on this one... but there are sooooo many stitches in this big honkin' house! After a couple of hours pass, I'm always left wondering why it looks like so little progress has been made? Note to self, "no more samplers with big honkin' houses"! lol!
I'll be starting a small drum pinkeep kit soon... not only to break up the time spent stitching on Grand Old Flag, but to also give another go at stitching in hand using the sewing method. It just appears that sewing in hand would make it so much easier to pick up a project for "just a few stitches"... and I'm also thinking the sewing method would speed my stitching up a bit! lol!

I originally found Hollis Hands Create on Etsy. It was during my Nashville Market Frenzy! lol! And then, one day while watching Youtube, her flosstube showed up in my "suggested to watch next". What I enjoy about her channel is that she keeps it real. She shares what she is actually stitching on and also the plans for a reasonable amount future projects. One day she offered a giveaway of a "The Blue Flower" chart titled "The Color Of Winter"... and because I was already hooked on "The Blue Flower" designs... I entered for a chance to win the pattern... and I did! :-) Thank you Christine!
I'm looking forward to stitching on this.... thinking maybe Winter would be a good time to start a stitch that has so many cheerful colors and flowers in it! 

You can visit Hollis Hands Create Etsy shop by clicking HERE. And also visit her on Youtube by clicking HERE.

For the past month (or so), I had noticed that my blog was not loading correctly. The posts, heading and backgrounds would show up alright. Then, it seemed it took about 5 minutes for the gadgets to load. I tried the usual troubleshooting stuff like clearing cache, trying different browsers and trying different computers (mac and pc). And all showed the same result. So, I figured it was a "blogger blip" since they were in the process of bringing a new format live. 

Well... one day I get an email from someone that was trying to follow my blog, but the usual way of clicking on "follow" was taking her to a blank page and she also mentioned having difficulty with my blog not loading correctly. She also offered a few more pieces of information about different things she tried.... which then prompted me to investigate this bug further. Long story short is... I went to blogger help and searched a few key words... after only about 2 minutes of reading I discovered that this bug had been present for awhile and other bloggers had the issue as well.

What was it, you ask? It was a gadget called "linked within" that had known issues. The function of the "linked within" gadget was to offer the "other posts you might be interested in" at the end of each post. Do you remember seeing that on some blogs? I did, and in fact I had not noticed it was missing from my blog? lol! Well... all I needed to do was delete that gadget from my blog and WHALLLAH! My entire blog now loads super quick! 

So. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to Robin! If she had not taken the time to email me.... I'd be wasting my time waiting for blogger to load! lol! You can visit Robin's blog by clicking HERE

Another wonderful shop I found on Etsy is Needlecase Goodies! Click HERE to visit the shop. Yes, this is another shop I had frequented for my Nashville Market Stash Acquisition! lol! And, in all the rush to pack and quickly ship her orders... an extra copy of "Antique Sampler Fragment 1834" accidentally got added to my order. When I emailed Nancy about it, she thanked me for letting her know so that she could update the inventory status in her shop. And then told me to "Keep it and share it, or sell it"... soooooooo... after four months, I'm finally getting around to SHARING IT! :-) If you are interested in stitching this cute little sampler fragment... please mention it in your comment below. My apologies... but, due to all the shipping woes with the pandemic, this offer is available to US residents only.
So that's about it for now. I keep hoping to post here more often so that the posts aren't so long... but time just keeps speeding up! lol! As has been mentioned by many, I can not believe August is here already! But, after almost two solid weeks of heat and humidity with "feels like" temps above 100 F... followed by a tropical storm with 60 mph winds and torrential rains... I AM SOOOOOOO READY FOR AUTUMN!!! lol! The crickets are singing, the sunlight is getting more golden and the afternoon shadows are getting longer... it won't be long now...

Best get some witchy pumpkin stitches on the frame (or in hand)... 🎃

Until next time... be safe, stay well and stitch on!



  1. Oh the new Blogger is giving me headaches getting my pictures spaced correctly. I guess with time I will work out the problems but it is just another pain in a time of anxiety.:) I wish I could see well enough to stitch in hand but without my magnifier I can not stitch at all. I know Chelsea and Priscilla stitch in hand and get a lot done. I did watch Jean Farish's new floss tube channel and she shared it in stitching a border. Very quick. Going to check out Needle Case Goodies. Thanks for reminding me of htem.

  2. you have been busy! I do notice the light in the afternoons and we have had your weather too the storm was a bit worse than I thought. My only big complaint about winter is the darkness. If it was lighter I would not mind the cold so much.

  3. Hi Sharon! Your garden looks wonderful. I so agree with you about homegrown tomatoes. I do hope your ideas work for keeping the animals away from yours. Your corn ornament is adorable. Love it.

    Your stitching is beautiful. That sure is a big house and I can imagine how long it will take to get it finished. But, it will be a great finish.

    I also love Hollis Hands Creates. I recently found her too and have put in three orders already. Have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. Hi Sharon, First chance I got to sit down to visit your blog. Good luck with the tomatoes, ours are still tiny. I was fortunate that a friend brought over a big bag of huge homegrown tomatoes. Nothing like them in summer!
    Grand old flag is going to be gorgeous but I have a dislike of stitching houses, which is not good because so many nice patterns have them. You got a lot done since your last post! Good idea to add a small to keep you interested. I tried stitching in hand and find it very difficult. Good luck with it! Have a lovely weekend. Mary

  5. Happy Saturday Sharon!! So very glad you figured things out and to finally be "connected" LOL...and that was so very sweet of you to give a shout out and link my blog. Thank you! As for new blogger....eeek. I haven't tried it yet, but knew the day would come....and apparently it came sooner rather than later as everything looks completely different when I opened blogger today. Can't wiat to try a post. (That was sarcasm, by the way. ;-) )Your garden looks so healthy....and weed free! This is the time of year when things begin looking "scraggly"...at least for me usually. And don't you just love volunteers?? I am always in awe. Your stitches are beautiful. I never minded houses until I started one that has like 9 (or more?) of them. (Obviously it's been a while since I picked it up ha ha....some day.) Congrats on the win...looks like a fun pattern and couldn't be more appropriate for a winter project. I love both Hollis Hands Create and Needlecase Goods.... Those were the 2 Etsy shops I got my market "fixes" from this year too. And I would love to be entered for a chance at the little sampler.... I have a small collection of antique samplers and this would fit in beautifully! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! ~Robin~

  6. Hello Sharon - gosh you have been busy with your creativity. I do love everything you are working on . That is a lovely pattern you won. Yes blogger has changed me over too ... I haven't tried a post yet but am hoping to soon. Anything tech related can give me a real headache. I hope you have some luck with your tomatoes - there's nothing beats homegrown I find - they taste so much nicer. Happy Weekend to you Sharon. xx

  7. Looks like you did great with new blogger. Me, I am still having issues...argh!
    Don't enter me. Though so sweet, I would probably never get around to stitching it.
    Your plants are still looking good!

  8. Needle Case Goodies is one of my favorite online shops..Nancy is so nice and accomodating! And she ships super fast!! The Grand Old Flag is a big stitch...I have another Plum Street design kitted up and ready, but it is a biggie too! I have stopped using hoops and frames for stitching. My shoulder started bothering me from the "ins and outs" of the needle...so now I do the sewing method. Nashville Market put me in a frenzy too....I ordered more patterns than I'll ever live long enough to stitch!!

    Your garden is beautiful and your tomatoes sound wonderful! I haven't planted a vegetable garden in years! Great post, Sharon...take care!!

  9. You’re A Grand Old Flag is coming along nicely. Keep us posted on the progress. Thanks for the chance to win the Antique Sampler Fragment chart. What an interesting piece.

  10. Blogger can be such a pain. Why do enhancements always seem to mean losing a feature, or for me, my familiarity of how it works. The sampler fragment is interesting but I am not interested. Your garden looks great. Second year in a row my tomatoes have not turned red. Goggled it and the results said due to temps in excess of 90 for extended periods. Welcome to NJ. I too am ready for cooler weather

  11. Your garden is great! Love that corn stake. And the stitching is lovely too! Cannot wait for fall-I'm right there with you. Been far too hot. And being confined doesn't help.

  12. Your garden appears well tended.
    I got a giggle from your comment about "big honkin' houses." :)
    Congrats on your win--looks like a great pattern.

  13. Hi Sharon!! I dropped by after you left a sweet comment on my SAL and had the best time reading this post!! You are a braver woman than me!! I clicked on the link that allows me to stay on the old blogger for awhile but thank you for the information about the linked in gadget. Might be one of the problems I am facing!! I love "Your'e a Grand Old Flag" - big honkin house and all!! I have a project with a house like that and so I too jump around and then go back to the house. We'll get it done!! I LOVE the Antique Sampler Fragment!! I would really like being included in the chance to win that little goodie!! Oh, and I live on the Oregon coast and tomatoes are tough to grow around here. I'll try again next year, maybe up again the house on the south side!!

  14. We did the same with our garden this year... planted much less, but upped the tomato plants. A few years back our tomatoes got a horrid blight that persisted for about six years. Finally, the soil seems to be rid of it and my husband is beyond thrilled with our bounty of home grown tomatoes. (Me, I'm not a tomato eater!)

    Love your Grand Old Flag piece--that is one big ol' house there!

    Hope the rest of your summer flies by quickly and autumn will be here soon. It sure has been a hot one and here in western PA we've had next to no rain. I find myself strangely looking forward to winter this year :)