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Friday, May 1, 2020

The Merry Month of May

Remember when you were a kid...and it seemed like time was soooooo sloooooooooow. The school day seemed a lifetime and waiting for Christmas morning (after whispering your wish list to Santa) seemed an eternity! Then, as we grew into adults, time seemed to speed up! As we maintained a home, worked full time, perhaps even took college courses in the evenings as well... And weekends? Always felt like 2 hours instead of 2 days... I found myself frequently wishing for time to slow down a bit... Well, guess what? The entire month of April has been THE slowest month I've experienced in like, FOREVER! I'm not complaining... I'm just saying it's kind of nice to be allowed the privilege to savor each moment....and take one day at a time...

The other positive (from the shelter in place order) I've noticed is the air quality where I live. The sky is a clear blue....with very little haze along the horizon... the air is fresh and clean! When I go outdoors, I actually look forward to taking long, deep breaths! All that lovely oxygen just wakes up the brain and livens the spirit! If there is any good to come from this horrible coronavirus... I'm going to guess it's the appreciation of a simpler, slower, old fashioned living.

Our grocery store shelves are slowly starting to get back to "normal". Toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, Tylenol and bottled water are available again (though purchase limits have been set). Some sections of the meat department are limited... and stuff like eggs have been priced quite a bit higher than they used to be.

The goofiest thing I have witnessed in our area (Central NJ)... was on our way to Costco earlier this week. We passed a Starbucks. I could not believe my eyes when I counted THIRTY cars in line for the drive thru! And yes, there were two guys directing traffic, so that the line did not block the flow of traffic on the highway. C'mon people... seriously (necessary)?

You might think me and King Arthur have a thing going on... but we don't! No monetary affiliation with them whatsoever. But, I did bake a Chocolate Babka using their box mix. And it was YUM!

Then today I made their Peanut Butter cookies. Recipe from the King Arthur website recipe section.

Earlier in the week was two loaves of Banana Pineapple bread. A 37 year old recipe from a friend of mine whom I met in Maine!

Looks like Sunday will be back to King Arthur. Found a recipe that sounds intriguing... Doughnut Muffins! Yep....looks like a muffin, but supposed to taste like a plain donut! Resistance is futile!

I remember telling myself I'd NEVER try a Mill Hill cross stitch kit. Why? Because they are stitched on perforated paper and I always questioned the durability of the paper. Well... thanks to YouTube, I was talked into giving one a try. It's not "paper" as you may think it. It looks like it has been painted with an enamel type paint. And feels a little like "plastic index card paper". So, I'm hoping the finished piece will last a long time. Mill Hill has so many designs available... and I could not resist this one... "Moonlit Treaters".

Stitching on perforated paper is very easy. The holes are large (similar to 14ct), so that it "feels like" your stitching on needlepoint canvas. I have most of the stitches completed... next comes the beads! Learning how to add beads was one of the main reasons for trying this Mill Hill kit. You see... I have about five Mirabilia's "in the stitching que"... and ALL of them have a good amount of beading in them. Will I stitch another Mill Hill kit? Not for awhile. While this one is only 5 1/2" square, it is full coverage stitching, and it is taking waaaay longer to complete than I had anticipated. My next Mill Hill will probably be a smaller, ornament type design. They do have some nice Jim Shore Christmas ornament designs... and Halloween ornaments designs... and... lol!

Anybody notice that strange look on the hare's face from my last post? That look that said "You baby chicks (on the left) had better not wander off?".... Well... I did... I was off a few rows in my stitching. So, I frogged 'em out and put them back in the tidy spot they were supposed to be! That's right....no more watching Flosstube while stitching for me... I've done more frogging in the past month than I have in my entire 10 years of stitching...lol!

Well. It's May. And, I'll be stitching on stuff. Not going to follow the traditional "Maynia" of it all though. I guess may "plan" for the month will be to stitch on what I already have kitted. I'll start with some smalls and then carry the leftover flosses onto the bigger projects... I'll refer to those bigger projects as "Sanity Samplers"... lol!

Happy mail is always welcome! I was the lucky winner of a giveaway over at Nanaland! Arlene had stitched Farmyard Parade from Brenda Gervais... and decided to pass along the pattern to a fellow stitcher! Thank you again, Arlene... I'm looking forward to stitching this one for this Summer!

That's the best word I could think of to describe the amount of stitchy stash that has arrived on my doorstep since Nashville Needlework Market. One day it was practically a blizzard with whiteout conditions! :-)  I'm so grateful that needlework shops are still mailing orders (and USPS is still delivering)... the time I spend cross stitching has been so peaceful... and peace is definitely something we can all use during this pandemic...

While this post has been rather wordy...with few pics... I'll leave you with a promise to have more pics than words in the next post! But no pic will be cuter than Berwyn... reminding you to...

Wash your paws! lol!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!



  1. Awe, Berwyn is all grown up! We've definitely been spending more time outside during the quarantine, even with the heat. Some days we take three walks instead of our normal two.

    I'm not participating in Maynia, just cheering everyone on from the sidelines. I have a list of the projects I want to work on (and hopefully finish) over the next few weeks so that will be my focus.
    I've posted a couple of updates on my blog regarding the current status of my quilting. Cross Stitch is coming up next :)

    Hope all is well with you and yes, keep those paws clean!

  2. While I have a couple of kits for stitching I have started I have not stitched in a very long time. I am working on my rug and I got a penny rug ready for stitching. I like being home and has been no hardship for me I got a lot done and I am very happy to have a jump on the spring cleaning.

  3. Ah bless Berwyn! Beautiful pic. I too am enjoying the peacefulness of the lock down. We live on a busy rural road & with no traffic I can hear the birds again - its wonderful. Here in New Zealand we moved to a less strict level this week & our takeaway shops were open for drive through only. We had queues a mile long & they had to bring in traffic controllers to help out. I thought the same as you ...... seriously people??!! Love all your cross stitching.

  4. Sharon, sheltering at home means too much time for me to peruse stitch sites. I just ordered three Frosted Pumpkin Designs( Winter Wonderland, Berry Picking and Ice Cream Licking, I Love Fall Most of All.) Their designs are fun and as they are relatively small they will be Fridge magnets. A reader pointed out a mistake on my September word play....I am posting about that in tomorrow's blog. Thankful for eagle eyed readers. I had to frog and fix as well!! Better done before FFO ing it. Here in the South, White Lily Flour is the go to for bakers. I love seeing the best recipes from all parts of the USA....and that Star Bucks story..oh my!! Glad to visit on line Sharon.

  5. Like you I've really enjoyed the slow pace and I still find that the time is going so fast even though I've slowed down. May is already here and the grass is starting to grow.

    I've been making bread too and enjoying the smell it makes in the house. It brings back memories of my mom baking bread.

    Your stitchery is beautiful. Congratulations on your winning. It's always exciting to win a giveaway.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Loved your post today. Full of fun stitching and interesting observations. Love Berwyn's public service photo.

  7. I'm so enjoying the slower pace and staying at home. We put a bird feeder back up and have noticed we have a lovely cardinal family that live nearby. We are just on the go so so much and while I miss my visits with my parents, it has been good in every other way to stay home. I've cleaned every closet, cabinet and drawer and it feels good. I'd gotten off my regular rotation of doing that because of the visits to mom and dads.

    Simple things can be so satisfying. Blue sky and unpolluted air. A bird family. Stitches.

  8. So good to see your post!
    On one hand, life seems a bit slower for me but it is still flying by. May already!
    It sounds like you are going to be a very busy stitcher! Looking forward to seeing your Needlework Market purchases.
    Great pic of Berwyn...and offering such good advice :)

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Great post filled with lots of good things, from spending more time enjoying each day, to yummy goodies, to lots of wonderful stitching pieces!!! Seems like you are truly enjoying your time at home and so happy things seem to be improving in your area!!! Yes, people LOVE their coffee and will go to great lengths to get it!! We lived in WA for almost 10 years and it seemed like there was a Starbucks on every corner and they were ALL BUSY, ALL THE TIME!! Can't imagine what they would look like now with the way things are!!!!! Thanks for always adding a great snap of Berwyn, and tell him his advice is much appreciated!!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. All your things are beautiful! I have yet to stitch a Mira, even though I have quite a few. And I noticed the outrageous starbucks lines here too---crazy!!!


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