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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Moonlit Treaters

Life in quarantine is rolling right along here... with each day blending into the next. Our Governor is starting to loosen the restrictions a little each day, which is nice... because that means that our hospitals are getting back to normal. :-)

If I had an unlimited amount of resources (read $$$), I would gift each essential worker a vacation to a destination of their choice! Lord knows they all need some time to rest and destress! :-)

On the stitching front is a finish! These little Mill Hill kits are going to be a regular thing for me from now on! ;-) Once you finish all of the regular stitching... the beading can begin! This was my first beading experience and I can honestly say that not only is it an enjoyable process, but it certainly adds a nice sparkle to the design!

"Moonlit Treaters" was finished on May 13th. Mill Hill also makes frames to fit their designs. It was as easy as place the stitched piece into the frame, then back with a piece of foam core. I cut the foam core slightly larger, so that when pressed into the back of the frame, it fits tight and no glue is needed to keep it all in place.

Next was a Nashville Needlework Market 2020 purchase. This is a kit called "Sweet Finch" by Samplers Not Forgotten. I finished the stitching this afternoon. While both pieces are stitched using one strand of floss... the larger piece is "over two" and the smaller piece is "over one".

I'll admit that I'm not a fan of "over one"... and was tempted to just stitch it "over two", as there was plenty of linen included in the kit. BUT, I figured let's accept the challenge and give it a try! And challenge it was on 36 ct... so, I donned my regular readers OVER a pair of cheaters to be able to see the linen threads... it took some patience and some focus, but it was doable! And, I'm pleased with the end result. Over one looks nice... but, I won't be purposely seeking out over one designs any time soon! lol!

The kit also includes the backing fabric, trim, beads and ribbons needed for finishing... so, no excuse to not be back soon to show the completed pinkeep and fob!

I also did a little bit of stash enhancement... Lila's Studio, Kathy Barrick and Carriage House Samplings... Mmmmmm... I want to start them all now! :-) Progress pics soon!

It's not a post without pics of Berwyn... when he's not sleeping in my stitching box...

He's showing off on top of his scratching post!

Pet's are wonderful additions to your life and home! If you are considering adopting a cat or dog... or even a fish... please do it now (responsibly)! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!



  1. Oh I love your Mill Hill finish!! Moonlit Treaters is so sweet! I've never stitched a Mill Hill design...going to put it on my list of things to stitch....not that I don't have enough!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Love that Moonlit Treaters too. I went to 123 stitch and just bought it! Patty Mcdonald

  3. The moonlit Treaters is just wonderful! you have kept yourself very busy. Our Governor is starting slowly too because my husband is a bone marrow transplant recipient we will continue to take precautions.

  4. Your Mill Hill is just delightful Sharon - I love it & it sits perfectly in the frame. Gosh I wish my eyesight would let me do fine work like that. Berwyn is just beautiful - you are so right - pets really do enhance your life. They add another dimension to it - ours have kept us entertained so much during our isolation over here.

  5. Your stitching is beautiful. Working on such a high count linen and then over one is a testament to your good eyesight and steady hand. It's fun to add the beads to achieve that little extra pizzazz

  6. Sweet Finch is just gorgeous, SNF does some really lovely designs. The tiny over one stitching is beautiful too, good for you persevering with it.

  7. Your pieces are esquisite.It looks like Berwyn did all the stitching and is plum tired and needed to take little rest.
    My eyes are not as good as they used to be. A 36 count would pull my eyeballs out.
    I hope things will return to normal soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Love all your pieces and great that you challenged yourself and tackled something a bit out of your comfort zone!! I know we all have our preferences and so happy you know what you love!!!
    I'm sure it is also so fun to have variety and that is so good for you to change things up and keep it interesting!!!
    Hope things start to get a bit more normal for you as well!
    Berwyn is ALWAYS a STAR!!! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Moonlit Treaters is just TOO SWEET! And so is that Berwyn :)
    Enjoy, my friend and keep on stitchin'.

  10. Your Moonlit Treaters is so fun and looks wonderful now that it is all stitched. Your Berwyn is adorable. He looks as if he the perfect companion as you stitch away. Your thought of gifting every essential worker with a free holiday sounds perfect. They have all gone beyond the call of duty taking care of the sick and distressed in these trouble times, treating each and every person with kindness, care and compassion. They are all truly amazing.

  11. Oh the Moonlit Treaters is sooo nice. I haven't done any beading yet but I do have a project or two in the queue that will require them. Who doesn't love seeing Berwyn?!?

  12. I have another good stitchy friend who does those beautiful Mill Hill kits. I love them but beading is just not my forte. What a cute kitty cat. My niece just took in a baby kitten who got trapped in the undercarriage of a friend's car. She is the cutest thing. Her name is Matilda but everyone is calling her Tillie. Pets bring such comfort in times like these.

  13. Love Moonlight Travelers. I have never tried beading in a stitch. I have 2 cats that adopted us and a dog and 2 horses. I can't imagine a home without a pet.