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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Welcome News

We all know what is on the forefront of everyone's mind these days...and the news reports thus far haven't had many positive things to say about COVID-19... but, today I read some good news that I thought was worth sharing!

This article tells the story of an older man that was hospitalized this past Sunday with symptoms... his medical care team started administering an anti-malaria drug on Tuesday... and now today (Saturday), he has shown remarkable improvement! Click HERE to read the story.

You know... when I am at home (and do not have the news on), everything seems "normal". The sun is shining and there is a nice breeze... Berwyn is meowing that he wants to go for a walk in the yard (on a leash)...hubby is in his "Radio Lair" testing and soldering... as he restores a family's heirloom radio... I wait (not so patiently) for the mailman to bring thick envelopes containing a nice haul from Nashville Needlework Market...*grin*... and also calmly stitch the time away... and perhaps bake, decorate our home for Easter and (of course) tackle some "extra" cleaning... yes, cleaning does help my mind to settle a bit these days...

It really isn't until I drive to work that this whole COVID-19 really starts to get REAL. The area where I live is an area of (what I think of as) excess. So many stores, restaurants, movie theaters... whatever you need is always a short distance from your doorstep. And now, to drive to work in the morning and have very little traffic (my commute takes half the amount of time these days)...to see stores and restaurants locked up tight with COVID-19 signs on the doors.... to go into a grocery store (or big box mart) and see bare shelves... not only is it surreal, it's just plain old frightening!

So. We do what we can...wash hands, keep proper social distancing, get outside to enjoy lots of fresh air...and (here's a biggie) only buy what we NEED from the store...so there can be some available for the next person...

So, with that out of the way....let's move on to a report from "Happy Hobby Land"!!!! lol!

There was a finish this week! It was last night (March 20th) that I had put the last x in this Halloween piece...I had to look back in my blog to see when I started this....October 20, 2019.

Victorian House #9 - Judith Kirby
While it looks out of square, it is square. Needs to be pressed yet (and framed).

This design had originally looked pretty simple to me. I thought "I'll have that done in a weekend"... Ha! All of that backstitching for the branches and spider web had my eyes going in every which direction...and the counting and recounting was driving me bananas!!!! So yes...while the 14 ct Aida made it easier to see the holes...the design still remained a learning challenge! And I'm happy with that (no matter how long it took)! :-)

A couple of years ago I had thought that I was sooooo not interested in stitching samplers any more. Well...I'm practically obsessed over them at the present!

Here are a few of my picks from Market...

Charlotte Mills 1844  - Fox & Rabbit Designs

Consider The Lilies - Heartstring Samplery

Maria Phinney 1832 - Shakespear's Peddler

 Little Birds - Blackbird Designs

My Heart Can Rest - Blackbird Designs

Oh Joyous Day - Blackbird Designs

We Live In Hope - Blackbird Designs

Sewing Club - Blackbird Designs

Whew! Seeing it all up on the big screen here has me a little bit nervous! Iffin' it took five months to finish that little Victorian House #9... I had better start stitching multiple projects at once (and forget about sleep) so that I can finish some of the designs I acquired from Market! :-)

I'm going to stop here...but know that there is MORE happiness to share in the near future! So, visit again soon!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!



  1. There's something so exciting about having so many ideas and the anticipation of working on new projects. I haven't x stitched in years but seeing all our new finds it gets the creative stitching juices flowing. Your Halloween picture is beautiful and will be lovely framed. Keeping positive.

  2. I had heard on NPR about the possibility of using the malaria drug to treat Covid-19, but hadn't heard any actual results. That is great news!
    You Halloween piece makes me smile. And you list of everything else you are planning makes me think you are superwoman!!

  3. The samplers are all so lovely. Glad to know you are well, Sharon. We are all longing for ‘normal’ times once again.
    Be safe and healthy.

  4. This virus is scaring the hell out of me. Not that I will get sick, but what it is doing to this great land of ours. I pray that we can "flatten the curve" quickly. I did see a video about the malaria med and how the government is working quickly to allow things like this to go in to effect.
    As for your samplers...not only can you not sleep, but you'd better forget about the day job, hubby, Berwyn. They are all so lovely!!!
    Sending big hugs from Ohio. Stay healthy!!!

  5. Congratulations on your darling finish! I remember when I stitched this years ago feeling the same way--I thought it would be a quick stitch, but, oh no!! Those tree branches drove me crazy :) But, it is such a classic Halloween piece--I know you'll love seeing it in your home each October. And what great market picks! I'm not a sampler stitcher myself, but always enjoy seeing others' finishes.

    Praying that this anti-malaria drug makes a difference. I so admire these doctors, nurses, paramedics, scientists, etc. who are battling on the front lines for the rest of us. Stay safe now...

  6. wow oh wow you better not sleep or eat to get all that done.
    I too am over whelmed by this virus not sure what will be come of all the small businesses.


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