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Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Sparkling Day

Yesterday was one of those days you want bottle up and save...so that it can be released on a day when your Winter weary soul yearns for some sunshine! Yes. It was THAT good. The typical Autumn clear blue sky, golden sunshine and trees decorated with brightly colored leaves...topped off with a with a hint of frosty in the breeze...good stuff! :-)

So, while I tried to make good on my determinations to get some stitching done this weekend...the outside was fiercely calling and painful to resist! Away went the stitching....and out came the rake, lawn mower, hole filled gloves and muddy garden shoes....ahhhhhhh! Fresh air and exercise! And, with some help from the DH, the yard was all cleaned up and looking pretty durn good! "Looks almost like we care"...DH always says...lol! ;-)

When today's grey skies and steady, gentle rain came...it was time to bake some peanut butter cookies, toss some beef and veggies in the crock pot...and get to some stitching! :-) A first in a series of "something different" in the way of my hobbies...

This design had caught my eye numerous times...either on someone's blog or while scanning through eBay...

Judith Kirby's Victorian House series...this one's No. 9 and I just LOVE that haunted house, pumpkin and cat! I bought this on eBay as a kit...uses DMC threads (sometimes 1 strand, sometimes 3 strands) and 14 count Aida. My eyes are enjoying the Aida. I predict that I'll be using it more often.

I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to anyone that either shared my auctions on social media...or purchased any of the items I had listed! I can not describe how happy I am that everything I had lost interest in, is now in the hands of someone that is excited to complete it! :-) I had also listed a hooked rug and a cross stitched piece, and have received thoughtful notes from the ladies that purchased them. I'm elated that folks are continuing to purchase individually handcrafted items to decorate their homes! I presently have one last hooked rug listed...and that will be the last of my auctions for awhile... click HERE to visit the listing.

Berwyn has a new hobby...if you ever need your clothes dryer repaired...

He's the cat to call! Had it up and running in no time at all!

Now we have fluffy, warm quilts to sleep under tonight! :-)

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Love, love that haunted house cross stitch design. And yes, the 14 count will be delightful for the eyes, my present 32 count just might be the last for me. Happy Stitching!

  2. Sounds to me like your timing was perfect - beautiful day for lawn work and a ‘perfect’ day for stitching.
    I love sitting inside when the gardens and lawn are cleaned up and put to bed for the winter !

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend. I got out and did a bit of yard work on Sunday but that was about it.

  4. Love the haunted house pattern. It's been years since I did cross stitch, I can't even remember which count I used. I still have some left.

    I need to get out there and do some yard work too.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Crazy Berwyn!!!
    Yesterday and today were lovely days in northern Ohio, but by the looks of the sky, that may change very soon. Thankfully I got some yardwork done.
    Oh, I remember when you were hooking that rug!!! Inspired me to purchase the pattern...and there it sits in my stash...lol :(

  6. This was a lovely post, Sharon. Cross stitch has recently become one of my new hobbies and I'll say that I've been enjoying it. Sadly, quilting has slowed quite a bit :( I share everything on Instagram these days, not sure if I'll begin blogging again or not. Berwyn is just the BEST!

  7. Love those perfect fall days. You got so much done. It will be fun to work on your new project as Halloween approaches.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    A bit late in commenting but trying to do some "catching up" with my blog list! Always love to see what you are up to and looks like a new fun stitch!! We are having lots of those "sparkling days" here in AZ and I am just loving the cooler temps after our really HOT summer! Berwyn is such a multi talented kitty and so very helpful! What will he do next, I wonder??
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Counted cross stitch has taken a big surge in interest. I used to do it. I think the designs have evolved into much better ones than many years ago when I did it.

  10. That cross stitch chart looks like fun. Am glad to see renewed interest in xstitch. I do love it, though it is more challenging now with my old lady vision.

  11. The haunted Victorian house cross stitch looks wonderful. I have only recently started cross stitching again after about a 40 year hiatus. I can only use 10 to 14 count aida now because of my vision issues. My projects have been much more basic than this house. Maybe someday I will work my way back up to more complex projects. Maybe I will just do small easy ones. Time will tell. Happy stitching ... :) Pat


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