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Monday, February 4, 2019

Sunshine and Songbirds

January is one of those "winter-hating" months for me. It's always too darn cold (polar vortex) and all grey and dingy brown. So very easy to get into the rut of craving (and caving into) high fat, heavy comfort foods (pasta, cheese, Chinese food, more cheese....lol) and then loafing around in layers of fluffy clothing and napping with a warm cat on your lap....lol! Well...sometimes it takes a good kick in the pants to pick yourself up and get going in a healthier direction!

So...that Radio guy says...how about we break up the routine with a trip to Atlantic City? Hmmmm? It took a little bit of persuading (long car ride, possibly losing money I could spend on fabric...lol!)...but, eventually I agreed....and off we went! :-) And it was FUN! We took all side roads to get there...there is more scenery (open space) in South Jersey than there is where we live...so I enjoyed the architecture of the old victorian homes and farmhouses along the way....I even enjoyed the "nothingness" of the famous Pine Barrens. Eventually we made it to our destination....The Golden Nugget...and enjoyed a few hours of gaming...winning just enough to pay for lunch (a delicious, juicy and HUGE burger) and dinner (Chinese). :-) I've got say that little bit of "different"....made a "difference" in spirit! :-)

Add to that...THIS weekend was to be a warm up...mid 40's on Saturday and mid 50's on Sunday! I set a goal that Saturday morning I was to wake up early, and get right to piecing up that Winter Blessings quilt! It was kind of like scheduling a mini retreat here at home. Some serious progress was made...

Each block is 6-1/2" finished. The triangles along the edge of the quilt are cut on the bias...so even though it was a beautiful day outside for pics, I did not want to handle it too much, and settled on a couple of quick pics of it draped over my ironing board. The next step is a thin red border followed by a thicker green border. Once those get sewed on (next weekend)... the quilt top will be sturdy enough to carry it around a bit and get some good full pics!

Did you ever go really "ga-ga" over a certain designer's fabric lines....and then one day decide you have too much of the same colors in your stash? That's what I thought happened to me. Last year I wanted a brighter color pallet....so I signed on for 2 Mystery BOM's and 1 auto-ship (Box of Figs)...ALL from Fig Tree Quilts. So, when it came time to sign up for 2019's Box of Figs...I opted not to. I figured I was "all Fig Tree'd out"...THEN the LAST Box of Figs of 2018 showed up in my mailbox...

Ain't it loverly! Those fabrics are gorgeous...and they are for making the smaller sized Fair Isle Heart quilt.... *sigh*... and added to the box was some Farmhouse Washi Tape, some Wonder Clips and a sewing themed calendar towel! The "bonus" small project is a heart sachet....made with all neutral colored fabrics... So yes... the frivolous side of me that loves pretty fabric and having happy surprises arrive in the mail is seriously regretting not signing up for 2019's auto-ship...BUT, the sensible and frugal side of me realizes that I've got some serious financial and life changing goals to meet in 2019. And, there is no time like the present to focus and achieve them!

Did I mention that on Sunday morning, as I was waiting for the coffee pot to finish perking...I noticed the beams of golden sunshine were brighter then they have been for awhile...and then my ears picked up on the happy tunes of songbirds! Alas! The silence of Winter has been broken...we are well on our way to Spring!!!

Best get those indoor projects done...and done quick! For soon it will be all about gardens, picnics and antique car shows!!!

But for now Berwyn says... "Would you put that thing (camera) away please....you're interrupting a good nap!"...

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Sharon, that quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I just love those colors. You are a pro when it comes to sewing those points perfectly, something I haven't mastered. I'm looking forward to seeing it quilted.

    I have a star quilt that I started to sew a while back and my points were not perfect so I put it all away until I had time but now, my sewing machine sits broken and I haven't had the desire to sew. I need a kick in the pants. I'm not a fan of winter either. We have so much snow this winter it's hard to see spring is only 43 days away. I've been on the count down to Spring. What I have found out, we are always living for tomorrow and that's not how life should be. Tomorrow might never come, right?
    So I need to change my point of view and try to see what I can do today to bring meaning into my life. There must be a reason that winter is so hard on us.

    Take care and enjoy working on your quilt,
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oh yes, I have experienced ending up with too much of a designer's fabric in my stash and tiring of it. Our tastes change over time or you see several people using some new line of fabric from another designer. Then you wonder why you never purchased any of that designer's fabrics.

  3. you described my January except for the cat. food food and more food with pjs and fluffy quilts.
    I am trying to stop the money bleeding out of my wallet and into the rug hooking hobby I have.
    love your quilt

  4. Glad you had the opportunity to venture out and do something different. It refreshes the mind and spirit. Oh, yes. I've got fabric that I bought because I was hooked on a designer and that style. I guess we all change our preferences or the years.

  5. This is a tough month and getting out is the best way to beat the blues. Just getting out and going somewhere different, is fun. Love your quilt, that is gorgeous.


  6. Winning...even a little...is good.
    Oh that quilt is a beauty.
    Always happy to see a pic of your furbaby!

  7. Hey Sharon...our kitties are getting so big, aren't they? I love that quilt!!! And, I am so impressed with your work...what a woman! I haven't been working on much lately, as there are too many things going on. Lots of things spinning in my head that I want to do, though...just not getting at them. Though, today, I managed to make a linen pillow case! whoopie!!! I am going to Wisconsin for 11 days...yeah, not my idea of the best time to be there. But, there are some things going on with my boys and I need to be there. So. xo

  8. Berwyn has settled in quite nicely and is getting big. Sounds like a nice little trip and just what the doctor ordered to shake off some winter blues. Your quilt is beautiful. Red and green borders sounds perfect for it, can't wait to see the next progress photos.

  9. Hi Sharon, what a delightful post. I enjoyed it very much and like you, am really hoping for spring soon. Your Winter Blessings is simply beautiful and I've always loved Fig Tree fabrics. Berwyn is a beauty too...so happy I follow you!

  10. Love the quilt and took at look at Fig Tree. OMGOSH too pretty


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