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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Autumn Leaves and Ponderings

The Autumn colors in central Jersey are very vivid this year...everything stayed green until late October...and then it seemed like they all changed overnight on Halloween...a trick, or a treat? lol! Today was splendid! Temps only in the upper 50's (F) with brilliant blue skies and tons of wind. So many leaves fell and collected on the ground...very pretty...but, difficult to find where the road ends and the yard begins? ;-)

Wool and Cats
When we first brought Berwyn home, he took a liking to a small hooked rug I had on the living room floor. He would sleep on it. That was it. Until he got his confidence up... and then he started rolling it into a ball and chewing on it. He also started to pull large pieces of wool out of baskets and run through the house with them....eventually finding a place to play with and chew on it. And now, since all of my wool is in a closet for safe keeping... he sometimes sits and longingly stares at the closet door... waiting for it to be opened... so he can sneak in and steal a piece of wool and run away with it!

So. I ask my wool and cat fanatics out there... will he outgrow this? Or, do I need to find a new hobby? ;-)

Time Management
Today was one of those Saturdays that involved waking up to an early alarm clock. And once the coffee kicked in and the sun came up... I was off and running and getting things done (and crossed off my list)! Most of it was around the house... laundry... tossing out a few more things... organizing... getting warmer blankets and clothes out of storage from the attic...

And then it dawned on me...that what I really need to do is actually schedule in some time each day for stitching! Even if it's only a half hour a day... it will be a half hour closer to actually finishing some of the projects I have here. And yeesh...so I still have projects here!!!

BOM's and Auto Ships
I've signed on to quite  few of these over the years. And, most of them just managed to collect into piles...that eventually made it into boxes...that eventually I lost interest in...and then eventually got sold on eBay. It's a vicious cycle. So. This year, I made a promise to myself that I would actually only sign on to a BOM or auto ship if I was truly going to complete each monthly (or quarterly) packet in the month (or quarter) it arrived. And so I signed on for two BOM's (both Fig Tree quilts) and one auto ship (the quarterly Box of Figs). And while I do like the projects...I've done a horrible job at completing each shipment in a timely manner. And, because these kind of become the ONLY projects I work on throughout the year...my stash has not decreased in size at all this year. So... looking ahead to making 2019 a create from stash year! :-)

Take a peak at the most recent box Box of Figs shipment...cute Holiday bags...lovely fabrics, felt and thread to complete a stocking runner...and some pretty pads for making lists...

It's all lovely! And, I hope to stitch this runner up for this Christmas!!! :-)

Extra Hour

Sure. That extra hour technically happens in the middle of the night when we are sleeping. So we assume we use that hour for rest, right? Well...what if I get out of bed and hour earlier than I normally would on a Sunday...and take a ride just east of my house...and find something superbly interesting!!!

Tomorrow I will be doing just that!

Check back soon to see what I find...



  1. Lucky you to finally get a beautiful Fall!
    The cat sounds like it is very attached to your wool.
    Too many days go by for me with no stitching, as well.
    I can't sign up for BOMs either, or they suffer the same fate as yours.
    I celebrate the extra hour in the night by staying up an hour later. :)

  2. My weakness is SAL's, so at least I tend to use mostly my stash but there is always something lacking. A perfect excuse to shop for fabric--lol! Maybe you can make your cat a wooly toy and distract her from the wool you are stitching? Years ago, I had a cat that was obsessed with an afghan I was knitting. She wouldn't stop trying to "groom" it. By the time the afghan was completed, it was a total wreck and I ended up giving it to the cat!

  3. I love the fall leaves back East. People get excited about the golden Aspen around here, but it doesn't compare. Don't know what to tell you about your kitty other than they can be persistent. What a fun box of goodies. Hope you're able to keep focused on your BOM's It's a challenge for sure.

  4. I would not do well with auto ships. I did sign up for Rebekah Smith mystery stitch along ~ twice ~ and failed miserably both times.
    I took advantage of the extra hour! I wish we got that every week 😂

  5. I too would do awful with auto ship I just can not commit
    we raked the extra hour no fun

  6. I still have some unfinished projects and I've learned to not start anymore until I finish them, but will I ever finish them? Your guess is as good as mine, lol... I know for sure I wouldn't be able to finish any auto shipment of BOM projects... Will I still care to finish the quilts I've started?We'll see. I'm still not retired yet.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. I have so many unfinished things that it is overwhelming, so I need to destash and decide on what crafts to keep and what has to go, I can't do it all, at this point. I am using what i have, at this point and only buying when i have to and definitely staying out of quilt shops, lol.


  8. Scheduling time for stitching is perfect.
    Although, maybe I like the idea of always stitching and scheduling time for everything else. Lol !


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