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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Finally Fall

I awoke this morning to a brisk 45 degrees (F)....and the high temp of the day is 56 degrees (F). A nice relaxing Sunday to read, watch football, bake cookies, daydream...

...and play with our kitten, Berwyn! It's approaching two months since we brought him home...and he's done a fine job of making himself comfortable! He has toys in every room of the house...along with quilts and blankets in piles here and there. Now that it is getting cooler out...he has even more energy to play...and likes to look for a nice warm lap to nap in...

...so this is my view while I'm at my table reading...first is the grooming...

...which is then followed by a nap...

...and then some "let me help you make the bed"...

...followed by "Mmmm...that sure was a tasty little bug"...

And even though I had to hide all my yarn and rug hooking wool in the closets (under lock and key)... I do believe he is the BEST cat EVER!!! :-)

So. Those are some reasons why there was very little quilting or rug hooking happening since my last post...in fact, it was only just today (while Berwyn was napping), that I had a chance to make a little Halloween wreath...

The orange twig wreath and sparkly green spiders were 60% off at Michael's. All I did was weave a web using some yarn I had in stash... and "Voila!" a kooky Halloween wreath for the front door...total cost was just under $10. I may re-do the web next year...and will most likely use some black sewing thread to better steady the spiders....but for now, I'm going to enjoy it as is since Halloween is only two weeks away! :-)

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Such a sweet kittie and lots of company. I like your wreath great idea.

  2. Wonderful wreath, fun idea. Your new kitty looks like a smart alec, he is adorable.


  3. Cute kitten. There sure can be very active. I have two at the barn and they wrestle all the time. They are about the same size as your.

    Nice wreath. I lost most of my Halloween ornaments in last spring flood. So this year, I'm not putting any decorations out. I can't even be bothered.
    I wish you a great fall.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Berwyn is adorable! Kittens are so amusing...and complete trouble! We had snow yesterday, but it will be gone today and fall weather will return. Have a great week! xo

  5. Berwyn is a cutie, for sure.
    Cute wreath!
    Happy Halloween. It will be here all too quickly.

  6. Kitties are so much fun! It looks like he's completely settled in.
    What a fun wreath.

  7. Kittens are always so sweet. Have fun. The wreath is a cute addition.

  8. What a handsome companion you have there. I love the wreath! It looks like a fun project for Halloween.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Berwyn is such a darling and I know you must really enjoy all his fun antics!! They have SO MUCH energy when they are kittens, don't they??
    Hope you have a wonderful week and I saw that your pumpkin is supposed to be delivered sometime today!! Yippee!!! Enjoy it!
    Take care, sweet friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. Sharon, you Halloween wreath is great !
    Your precious little kitten makes me smile.

  11. Your kitty is so cute!
    Loved your wreath, how fun!


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