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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fig Tree Mystery Progress

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes! It was a fun month filled with car shows, sewing, road trips, relaxing and many helpings of ice cream! :-) Now it's time to get back to the d-i-e-t! lol!

A few words about the comment emailing dilemma... while the fix did work initially, it stopped working after about 8 comments. I went and repeated the whole "fix" process and it is still not working. I do manage to receive replies to comments that I've left on some blogs...and from those I've noticed that their email addresses are all gmail accounts. So, I'm guessing that until I can get around to getting a gmail address...I'll have to respond to comments the old fashioned way.

Anyways....a little bit of progress on the Fig Tree Autumn sampler...

I'm still enjoying the process of stitching these blocks...and yes, I'm still behind on the shipments of them... I'll catch up....eventually.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! The crickets have begun their nightly serenades here...so Autumn is slowly waltzing in on it's cool and colorful dance...

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. I’m in love with these colors !!!
    This is a lovely project. Your work is beautiful!
    Happy birthday to you !!!
    You know - ice cream just slips through the cracks !!! So no worries ;)

  2. The blocks are beautiful and so are your fabric choices.
    I noticed some gmails too, guess I need to check into that.


  3. Hi Sharon, I really miss the email notification when someone is commenting. I didn't try to fix it because I was worried i would make it worst. I have to check my blog to see if someone comment. It's a pain in the butts.

    Your fig tree pattern is just so sweet and so much work but you always do work, to perfection no matter what you work on.

    I'm glad you got to relax during July. It's been a hot humid month with not enough rain here but we got a good downpour yesterday. Now is harvest time and not enough time to do my hooking.

    I ate my fair share of ice cream to cool off lately but I think I wear off as I go because it melts off of me.lol.

    Enjoy August and stay cool.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. The crickets have been cricketing here for a month or so. I do not like what that signals :(
    Beautiful quilt blocks as always.

  5. We just got back from three days of camping in the foothills and the crickets were so loud!
    Pretty, pretty blocks!
    I thought my comment fix was totally working, until I saw that my blog post had new comments, but they hadn't shown up in my email. Most of them are coming through, but a random one here and there does not. The crazy thing is that I have checked back on a couple of the ones that didn't come through via email, and they are from gmail accounts. Go figure!

  6. Fig Tree fabrics are always fun to work with. Sweet blocks.

  7. I've been distracted with my husband's recovery from shoulder replacement surgery and a bit behind on my blog reading.

    I'm sorry you are still having issues with blog comments. Seems like they are NEVER going to get a permanent solution.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday! Love all of your blocks, too :)

  8. Love you quilt blocks. Really pretty. You are inspiring me!


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