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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

A beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day was enjoyed here in Central Jersey today! It was a relaxing Easter Sunday....with a very nice meal and a little bit of chocolate! :-) And now that all of the leftovers have been put away and the dishes are in the dishwasher...it's time to announce the winner of last week's giveaway!

Congratulations to

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to share their favorite threads! I found the answers to include many more brands of thread than I had anticipated! It seems that everywhere I go, the folks at Aurifil are doing an excellent job making sure their brand stays in the forefront of your shopping minds! lol! The fabric and pattern designers seem to each have their own thread collection...some just a handful of small spools and some with a large box of full sized spools...and in each video they make, each blog post they write, seems to always mention their favorite Auriful thread color... which is fine... they use it, they like it, they want to tell everyone about it.

With me being pretty new to quilting, figured that with all of that mentioning, Aurifil had to be the strongest and bestest thread available! So, I used it on a half dozen or so projects. MY experience with Aurfil 50wt was this:

Yes. It did run beautifully through my Janome. Nice and smooth with very little lint. Both from the spool and from the bobbin. It sews beautiful stitches (for piecing) and added no bulk in the seams. I then used it for quilting (Janome, domestic, straight line stitching with walking foot)...and while the quilting looked beautiful...it did not stand the test of washing! :-( I used it on a throw sized quilt and after only TWO gentle washes, the Aurifil 50wt broke in about 6 different places. Maybe too long of a stitch for the 50wt? I've since repaired the quilting and continue to use the throw, but, that was disappointment #1. The other issue I had with the Aurifil 50wt thread breaking was when hand stitching the binding to the front of the quilt. I sewed the traditional whip stitch about 1/8" apart. But, the thread broke in 2 places (again, this is on a quilt that actually gets used). So, my verdict on Aurifil is that while I may continue to use this brand for decorative pieces that don't get washed a lot... I'm going to be searching for and trying other brands that can withstand some actual use.

Some of those brands that I'll be trying are the ones that were mentioned in the comments in my previous post:

Gutterman (Cotton)
Superior (So Fine, Masterpiece and King Tut)
Mettler (Silk Finish Cotton)
DMC (sewing thread, not embroidery floss)
Coats and Clark (Cotton)
Connecting Threads (Cotton)
And for giggles...Craftsy (Cotton) and Missouri Star Quilt Company (Cotton) (both have their own, relatively new brands)

I'll post results as I use them. I've already purchased some Superior Masterpiece, which I'll use on my next pieced quilt. And, since I do have quite a few needle turn applique projects lined up, I searched for a brand that offered a good selection of colors all in one collection. This Mettler 28 spool set caught my eye...

To continue with testing new threads, I've purchased some Superior 40wt King Tut, which I plan to use to quilt my scrappy quilt. All is needed is for me to piece together a backing, then I can sandwich it and get to quilting!

And now... since I don't want any wooly fanatics to feel left out...I'm offering yet another giveaway!!! I grabbed a handful of washed and ready to go wool, a Primitive Gatherings wool pinkeep kit, some applique needles and a cute little primitive sheep recipe box with recipe cards! All that I ask is for you to leave a comment telling us what you create with wool and why you enjoy using wool so much!

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Wow, what a challenge you set up for yourself. I'm sorry that the Aurifil you used in your quilting broke in several places after a few washes. I never encounter that in using Gutermann tread.

    The only thing I use wool fabric is for rug hooking so far.
    Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Your Easter sounds perfect! It was sunny but a chilly 38* here in Ohio.
    I hope you have better luck with other threads. How disappointing.
    Wool. I can just sit and fondly my wool...lol. I love to look at it. I mostly hook with it and dabble a bit in wool applique.
    Hugs :)

  3. I hook with my wool, and I also make wool applique quilts. The design in wool with cotton backgrounds. It makes for a great travel project.

  4. My daughters and I sew wool outfits for contests. I would rather wear wool than manmade fabrics any day. The new lightweight wool fabrics are so breezy to work with as well. I also sew wool wall hangings and pincushions.

  5. I use wool for everything, lol. Rug hooking of course, appliqué and if it is soft enough, a base for needle felting, I use my junk, scrap wool for backings on small pillows.


  6. Interesting to read of your experiences with Aurifil - I use it a lot and love it but am now warned re those heavier use items - I'll have to do some investigating of my own! I agree, Aurifil does have a great advertiseing campaign!

  7. Omgosh! The package arrived today. Was so excited to open it when I arrived home tonight. Wow! Is all I can say. So very generous of you. Thank you very much! Robin.

  8. Your Easter sounds good and glad the weather cooperated!
    We spent ours in sunny Mexico which meant we had to forgo the traditional ham dinner and chocolate bunnies but it was a wonderful trade off.
    Wool just makes me giddy like a kid at Christmas! I do all the regular things like rug hooking, wool applique and finishing off some of my pin keeps. I'm addicted but I don't suffer I enjoy every minute of it.


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