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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Power of Words

Everyone that is a quilter has seen some pretty fun (and most of the times) useful, notions, gadgets, thingys and doohickies associated with quilting. Sometimes these items can be pretty expensive... and you simply can not justify the usefulness-to-expense ratio...


Today I share with you ONE item... THREE different sources.... and ONE unbelievable price that will for sure be the new benchmark for the usefulness-to-expense ratio! :-)

What is the item? It's the latest quilter's craze called the handy dandy MAGNETIC PIN BOWL!!!

Source one....

A local quilt shop... this is a 6" version... for $12.99...

Source two...

A VERY large and well known online retailer that is offering a "designer" (painted) 4" version...  for $17.99...

And source three...

A local "manly man" store... HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS... this is the 4" variety... for FREE!!!!

Yes. That's right... I'm sure we can all get some good use for FREE!!! But, if it would REALLY make you feel better to actually part with some money... they also offer the 6" version for $3.99. lol! You do need the coupon to get the  FREE 4" version... so click HERE to visit their website to print one out!

P.S. I have no affiliation with Harbor Freight Tools, nor do I receive monetary reimbursements for promoting them. I just simply always find it amusing that as soon as as item is associated with QUILTING, the price triples (or more).  AND... I feel that it is my duty as a happy quilter to share superior savings with my fellow quilters... so that we may continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby, without having to second mortgage our homes... :-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling (and saving)!



  1. Love this--quilters looking out for each other.
    I recently won a "designer" version from a blog, but it might be fun to get a manly version and paint it myself. : )

  2. After I saw your first picture, I immediately thought of the free one from Harbor Freight!

  3. Free is always good. I always use coupons and since we have all 4 craft stores in the same general area, I can hit them all in a day and get supplies at each one;)


  4. if I needed one for sure I'd get the free version and paint it myself...how's your latest quilt coming along?

  5. I have wanted one of those forever, but every time I looked at them, I balked at the price. LOL

  6. Thanks Sharon for your investigative work along with pics !!

  7. A great idea especially the free one. I use a strong cow magnet to find the ones I drop on the floor.
    I've noticed that items for ladies are priced higher for women than for men even if they are the same thing. I heard about a study of the on the radio.

    Hugs & smiles.

  8. I've chuckled at the price of the fancy paint jobs too - I'm way too frugal to spring for one of them so this freebie is an awesome deal! Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Anything they market to quilting/sewing/needleworkers gets the price jacked up far above identical items in the hardware & tool departments. I'm tired of paying more for the same, or less quality, just because of a label. ALWAYS check the hardware, tool, fishing & livestock departments before the craft stores for tools & storage items. Those seam rippers with replaceable blades - scalpels in the livestock section of farm stores are about 1/3 the price of those in quilt shops.

  10. Those magnetic thingsmajigs in some form or other have been around for a good long time. Seems to me there was something about the pins becoming temporarily magnetized when you tried to use them and kept sticking to each other. But I never had one so I would not know if that is true.

  11. So true. I saw a wallpaper seam roller recently...touted as a seam roller. SO overpriced.

  12. Too bad I didn't see your post earlier because I was at Harbor Freight this afternoon. Maybe I'll stop by there next week.


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