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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Some Progress

Remember that big pile of miscellaneous fabric? Well... while I was pressing all of it... I was trying to figure what would be one of those easy "mindless sewing" type projects... that would make good use of these misfits... and the one that came to mind was a rail fence type traditional quilt. So. Out came the rulers and rotary cutter... and this began a few hours (spread out over a few days) of slicing and dicing it all into stacks of 2" x 5" bars...

Once the cutting was done... the piecing began... starting with stitching 3 strips together.... then those little blocks were stitched into a 9-patch block that finished up at 14" square...

And now that I've stared at that 9-patch block for a week (or so)... I think I still like it... so, during the week ahead, I'll try to get at least one 9-patch block together each night after work... we'll see how long it takes to get this to a good lap or twin sized quilt! :-)

And, just in case you are following along on the "peach rose saga"... this year's Spring bloom is showing off it's glory...

They never seem to last too long... even when the deer doesn't snack on it! lol! ;-)

Also... if you were wondering what that "radio guy" has been up to... here's a video from the Spring Kutztown Radio Show... I tagged along (for comic relief and video skills)... lol!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Your rose is beautiful and your quilt will be spectacular!
    I really enjoyed the video. Loved seeing you in it.
    Hugs :)

  2. I love quilts like that and they look wonderful with scraps. Fun seeing you and your husband, fun hobby.


  3. Your "misfits" make a beautiful quilt block. I love the color palette, and the design.
    Gorgeous rose--is it scented? I just put three new roses in my rose garden Saturday. Two with pretty scents, the other--not so much.

  4. Your quilt is going to look beautiful. It's amazing what a little cutting and sewing can do.

    You did great testing your tube. Great video.

    Your rose is gorgeous. I bet it has a nice fragrance.
    Enjoy your new week.
    Smiles & hugs,

  5. I think you have the beginning of a very nice quilt (and a good stash buster!). Your rose is lovely. We have a little group of deer that love to snack on rose buds, so I rarely get to see any blossoms--so frustrating.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    What a FUN POST!!! That small pile of fabrics is going to be a very lovely quilt! Amazing what a bit of measuring, snipping, and stitching can create!! Your rose is a beauty and I can almost smell the sweet aroma! Finally, the video was GREAT!! Your hubby is definitely very comfortable in front of the camera and did a great job!! Your little spot was so cute and you did a great job being his assistant!!
    Hope you both have a wonderful week!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I love the rail fence block. Great use of leftovers and small pieces.

  8. Your rail fence block is beautiful, I love those colours.

  9. I like the colors used in the rail fence blocks. Very pleasing. The last time I made rail fence blocks, they turned out kind of wonky. My seam allowance kept drifting.

  10. ohboy...that quilt will be lovely! So proud of you and how far you've come with your sewing. xo

  11. Hope you are making good progress on your quilt, Sharon! It's going to be wonderful!! Lori

  12. Love the colors you've scrapped for the rail fence. Beautiful rose. We have mostly shade so don't have many roses. Cool radios, nice seeing you.


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