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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Quilts & Random Thoughts

I start each and every day with a pot of coffee and a handful of blogs! I've been having a good time reading everyone else's blogs... whether you update daily, or monthly... so, I thought I'd let you know that your time and effort to post tons of inspirational thought, tutorials and pictures is very much appreciated! :-)

Then I thought... well... maybe it's a good time that I update my blog as well! :-) Keeping busy about sums it up... I was fortunate enough to attend a local quilt show in the beginning of March. So, the pictures of the quilts that were displayed will be the main attraction in this post... with a little bit of random thoughts used as "filler"... Please do click on the photos to see them larger! :-)

So. As read everyone's blogs, and walk through quilt shows... and watch "how to" videos on Youtube and Craftsy.... my mind goes into happiness overload! And. I enjoy it. Immensely! :-)

But then...the time comes when I need to turn off the computer and finish with the morning routine... which eventually leads to either driving to work for the day...driving to PA or DE for a day trip... or simply just heading out for a meal with friends... club meetings... a visit to the LQS... general errands...

 ...and eventually one (enjoyable) day blends into the next...

...and then I forget about that long list of quilty, rug hooking, cross stitch, needle punch and applique projects that I was inspired (to purchase) and create! :-)

Some call that "stash". And I had been collecting quite a bit of stash. I even tried to keep that stash organized. But, then I forgot exactly what was in that stash. So, I took each and every pattern, thread pack, quilt kit, fabric bundle and wool stack and layed it out in one room of my house.

And, I discovered that not only did I have too much stash to keep organized in my modest sized home... but, also that I had lost interest in quite a few of those patterns and kits and potential projects that I had accumulated.

And so, when January rolled around... while I did not officially state a resolution. I knew I was determined to "hit the reset button" on my stitchy hobbies...

...one of those..."wipe the slate clean and begin fresh with an official do-over".

So, I did the "unthinkable"... and got out my camera. Took many pictures. Uploaded them to my computer. And listed NEARLY EVERYTHING on eBay!

The process began in January... and continued through February and March...

...and now, the first week of April is the final week of listings. Click HERE if you are looking for any patterns, fabric bundles or cross stitch linen...

Now... don't think that I listed COMPLETELY everything. I still have a handful of quilt kits. A couple cross stitch kits. A baker's dozen of hooking patterns and a closet of wool....lol!

But, for now...

that's just enough to keep me happy... :-)

And now... when I read blogs, watch videos and visit shows...

I can take a deep breath... smile... and know that I now have "room for new" and time to relax and enjoy the project at hand...

I hope you enjoyed the quilt pictures! They are just a few of the exquisite examples of inspiration that keep me excited to learn something new each day....

So when time allows...

...I'll gladly post some pictures of my projects in progress...

 ...and maybe you will be inspired to stitch along with me, or try something new...

...or wipe your slate clean. :-)

Happy Spring!



  1. Wow--I commend you for your ability to let go and reboot. You have shared some beautiful quilts, and you have lovely fabric and patterns up for sale. I'll bet the things you kept are wonderful!

  2. Oh my, I can't believe the infinite patience that some of those exquisite quilts must take to quilt and applique. Thanks for sharing this quilt show.

    Wow, you must have really dug in your heels to make a fresh start in your craft world. Bravo to to you Sharon, you are a real inspiration to us who still have a messy craft filled closet or room.

    I think as I age, I loose interest in some things and I'm not as eager to want to try create something new but I love seeing what others create. Maybe we are all on overload.

    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sharon , I love your thoughts in this post.
    Ahhhh, a nice clean slate. It takes real "courage" to take that step. I'll bet it was liberating ! Lovely pics of gorgeous quilts !

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Such a lovely post filled with some gorgeous quilts!! The talent and skill required to make those just blows my mind!!
    What also blows my mind is your purposeful plan to make life simpler!! I'm sure many will enjoy those things that no longer hold your interest and now you can concentrate on the projects that make your heart sing!! I look forward to seeing what pretties you will be creating and hope you enjoy each loop, punch, and stitch!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend, and happy creating!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Lots of beautiful quilt! I tried quilting it is just not for me even though I love them.

  6. Lovely quilts, but I think it is great you "cleaned house" so to speak. Why hang onto stuff that we no longer love?

  7. Wow! Some inspiring quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Those quilts are simply amazing!
    Congrats on destashing. I should do it, too, but know I won't...lol!
    Hugs :)

  9. Enjoyed reading your blog and re-visiting some of the quilts at Quiltfest. Congrats on simplifying your life :)

  10. There were some amazing quilts in the show. Thanks for sharing.

    What a brave and smart move to list the things you no longer love on Ebay. It must be a liberating feeling to have the creative part of your life back track and in order. Bravo!

  11. It feels good to let go of projects which sit on the shelf and nag at one. I have done some selling of these nagging projects on ebay also. Ebay is great for this-someone is looking for just the kit you don't want anymore. This process declutters one's mind and creativity so one is free to enjoy what great projects remain.


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