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Sunday, November 6, 2016

An Extra Hour

Spring ahead... Fall back... minus an hour... plus an hour... I'm sure there's a good reason for this ritual... however, I don't think it changes much? Does it?

So... what did I do with my "extra hour"?

Let's see... I went to sleep same time last night as I always do... pretty much woke up the same time I always do (for a Sunday)...

There's always Sunday breakfast... eggs and potatoes... yum!

Then I took a walk. Breezy, cool day with sunshine and brilliantly colored leaves. Ahhh fresh air! :-)

Then I headed to my stitching/hooking room...

This is "Alpha Basket Needle Roll". It's the July/August/Sept kit for Notforgotten Farm's "Little Stitches Club". Beautifully kitted, easy to stitch little primitive sampler... I should have completed this piece by now being as I've already received the Oct/Nov/Dec kit. But, you know how it is... Summertime has many distractions... *grin*!

Next up is this little Kim Diehl runner. It was one of the kits from her Simple Whatnots club. I had finished the piecing on this a few months ago... but, today I finally got around to the quilting... and even managed to sew the binding on. Turning and hand stitching the binding to the front will be my "relax time" at the end of each work day this week.

And finally... the Four Petals rug is all hooked and steamed! Stay stitching is place and it's ready for a whipped corded edging... that will be more hand work to relax with each evening during this week. :-)

And now... time for pajamas and Sunday Night Football... that extra hour sure did wear me out! ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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