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Saturday, July 30, 2016


While I did have some wonderful days off in July... most of the time was dedicated to just relaxing and being outdoors in a near perfect Summer! Local car shows and road trips out to Pennsylvania were on the agenda... there is so much to see and appreciate... just need to step out that door and get behind the wheel of a comfortable car and GO! :-)

Then... the typical hazy, hot and humid Jersey weather rolled in and we have been in air conditioning for the last week (maybe two) or so... and thunderstorms... and today has brought some torrential rains... lots of flooding just south of us.


I'm safe in my basement hooking away!

More rains and thunderstorms tomorrow...

Can you believe August is only a day away?

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!



  1. What a wonderful way to spend rainy days.

  2. We finally had some rain but missed all the recent storms. I am so upset about August, I don't know how I will handle September! Nice colors in your project.

  3. It's been horribly hot and humid in Minnesota too--perfect excuse to stay in and stitch (or hook--lol!). Your project looks wonderful--can't wait to see it finished!

  4. We are getting more heat than usual but today the rain ended in the morning and stayed away, so a perfect day to get out and not as many people at the beaches.


  5. Nope! Can't believe tomorrow is August and I'm NOT happy about it.
    Great hooking project. Love the colors.
    All the rain keeps passing us by :(
    Hugs :)

  6. We need rain. Supposed to get a storm today. Love your rug! Can't wait to see more. Lori

  7. August? Already? YIKES! Time to get going on those Christmas gifts, hey? Stay cool!


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