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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kim Diehl-A-Palooza!

Every fan of Kim Diehl knows about her Simple Whatnots collections. And, I am sure that most of you have wanted to sign up for the club, but did not want ALL of the quilts that ship of a particular collection. Well... here's your chance to pick just the one or two that you may be interested in...

I've collected a few kits of the Simple Whatnots Collection 1 (Vintage Farmhouse fabric) and Collection 4 (Sunday Best fabric)... I've stitched the ones I liked the most... and now I have listed on eBay, the ones I'm no longer interested in... but, maybe some of you are?

Click HERE to check them out... and see if any of them might make a quick (and beautiful) Summertime project for any of the quilters out there... thanks for taking the time to look...

I've completed the quilting on Josephine... binding is being sewn on this evening and I hope to have pictures and all the details posted here by Monday! :-)

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!



  1. ohboy...Josephine is almost ready to be shown!!! Looking forward to that so much!

  2. Looking forward to see your finish...very exciting :)


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