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Friday, June 24, 2016

Josephine and Peach Roses

It seems that as the more sunshine and warm breezes we have... the more difficult it is for me to sit... so there has been little stitching going here... I did manage to finish the Josephine quilt! :-) It's been finished and pics have been taken for awhile now... just needed to sit and start typing up a post!

So... here's the scoop:

The pattern was in the Spring 2014 Easy Quilts magazine.

Designed by Kimberly Jolly of The Fat Quarter Shop.

Kit of fabrics purchased from Fat Quarter Shop.

Finished size 50" x 61"

I used Dream Wool batting (one layer). I haven't ever used this batting before, so I have yet to find out how it washes. I can say that it is a light and fluffy batting that has a soft drape. Washing may happen this weekend, so I'll update that in a future post.

The quilting was mostly done "in the ditch". All straight lines with the walking foot. 50wt Aurifil is the thread. I have not ever free motion quilted... so, until I get to practice that on some scraps... the next couple of quilts will also be quilted with a walking foot.

After completing this quilt, I've decided it's going to be my "experimental/practice" quilt. I may go back and hand quilt some test designs in the center of the stars... I may free motion different designs in each block (for practice)... and I may even use this quilt to test some of those marking pens & pencils (especially in the white areas)... better to find out which ones really disappear.... before using it on one of those future (complicated and heirloom) quilts! ;-) Yes... this quilt will definitely be used!

One final update for today... remember the rose that turned into a snack for a deer one autumn afternoon?

Well... it has returned to bloom again this year!

Please excuse the weeds... I haven't really done much to the garden this season (yet)... maybe this weekend. :-)

That's about it for now! I hope to be posting more often (and soon)... July is my Birthday month... so I'll be sharing the shopping, foods and festivities here... yes... I've already started celebrating even though it's still June! :-)

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!



  1. Sharon, your quilt is most lovely!
    The colors are so soft and gentle.
    Glad to see the Rose blooming again !

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Your quilt is just gorgeous!! Such pretty colors and made so beautifully!!! I know you will enjoy it when the cool weather comes!!! The rose is beautiful too, and just wish you had a "scratch and sniff" button! Bet is smells divine!!
    So happy you are celebrating your Birthday already and hope you continue on into July!! Party On, my friend!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. ohgosh, Sharon! That is absolutely gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job and should be very proud and happy. Great job!!!

  4. The quilt is beautiful and beautiful fabric choices.


  5. I love the colors in this quilt, so pretty. Great job quilting it too. The peach rose is beautiful. So glad it returned.

  6. I love the colors in this quilt, so pretty. Great job quilting it too. The peach rose is beautiful. So glad it returned.

  7. Your quilting really accentuates the design of the quilt. The colors are lovely and sweet. It's good to practice new skills. Have fun during your birthday month.

  8. Nothing wrong with straight line quilting--looks great. But that is a good idea to make it a practice quilt.
    I LOVE peach colored roses--my fav!

  9. Oh Yay for the rose...it is beautiful as is your quilt.
    I love the look of hand quilting, it is time consuming but beautiful.

    Enjoyed my visit & Peace to all,

  10. I do love that quilt. Such beautiful fabrics.
    Damn deer! They have eaten a couple of my rose buds, too, among other things.
    Can't believe it's almost July!!!
    Hugs :)

  11. Your Josephine quilt is gorgeous! I don't do FMQ either and not sure I have the creativity for it.

    I'm happy the rose bush has recoverd. It is a beautiful rose.

  12. Can't imagine using this beautiful quilt to experiment on!!!! Great job. And a lively rose. I admire rose growers. I haven't the patience for the care required. Happy 4th!!!


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