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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flowers, Josephine and Box of Figs!

You know... I used to think that Autumn was my favorite season of the year... but, this Spring has been so glorious that I'm thinking Spring is quickly becoming my favorite season of the year! :-) Who doesn't love the vivid bright greens of new sprouts, the light pinks and whites of tree blossoms and the pastels and brights of tulips? And... may I also add those beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons too? Yep... here's a look-see of what's blooming in the yard now...

My DH bought me some geraniums... and, after supper last night, they were planted in their pots...

Just curious... but, does anyone else enjoy the aroma of damp soil? I love it! :-)

Progress on Josephine, you ask? I do have a pic to share of the top all together, basted and ready for some quilting...

That pic was taken a couple of weeks ago. As of yesterday, I'm more than halfway through the quilting... and hope to finish it up today... though, to be honest... after about 2 weeks of grey clouds and rain showers, I'll probably just sit and stare at the sunshine all day... :-)

Another little bit to share is the "Box of Figs" program that is being offered by Fig Tree Quilts this year. It's one of those auto-ships... this one is mailed out 4 times a year. I missed out on the first sign-on, but managed to get in on the second round. It was a pleasant surprise to open this "mystery box" and see what goodies were tucked inside! Absolutely LOVE this Popsicle Runner pattern... and the Popsicle is brought into the Summer themed cotton dish cloth too! Also included were Joanna's favorite Little House pins... a frixion pen for marking quilt lines...and some beautiful sherbet and neutral fabrics and floss to complete the runner and the dish cloth. Awesome stuff! :-)

I'm almost tempted to take a break from quilting Josephine and start piecing together that popsicle runner... :-) We'll see what happens as today progresses...

So that's the scoop around here! :-)

Wishing all you lovely ladies a wonderful Mother's Day!

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!



  1. Hi Sharon,
    WOW!!!!! Those plants and flowers are GORGEOUS!!! Wish I could say I have a green thumb, but somehow I missed out on that gene! I can see why spring would be your new favorite!!!!
    Your quilt is just lovely and your new box of goodies is SWEET!!! Such happy colors and would certainly make me want to go buy some sherbet!!!
    Glad the sun is shining and I hope you have a loverly day, my friend!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. I agree with you. I don't remember another Spring as lovely as this one has been. Your goodie box looks like so much fun. Happy sewing and happy Mother's Day

  3. I'm lovin' Josephine!!!
    Your flowers are way ahead of ours. We finally had two good days in a row to play in the dirt.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Hugs :)

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and I do love digging in the dirt, and love planting.


  5. I'd get more excited about Spring if those gorgeous flowers grew in my neck of the woods! And, YES, I love the aroma of moist soil--earthy! : )
    Josephine looks very good--I look forward to seeing the quilting--or the popsicle runner, whichever project won out.

  6. Nothing is blooming her but I do love that smell of great soil.

  7. Hey Sharon...I do love the aroma of damp soil...not had a chance for awhile to dig my fingers into it, though. Love the bright colors of your yard. And, Josephine is beautiful! You did an awesome job on it and I sure am looking forward to seeing it finished. You are rockin' it! The Box of Figs program is really very cool. I love how all of these places are getting into the box/crate thing. What fun for us! Have a great week! xo

  8. Your Josephine is so pretty. I really love the fabrics.

    That is quite a bundle from Fig Tree. Can't wait to see your runner.

    Your yard must be amazing. You have some beautiful blooms right now.

  9. Beautiful quilt and I love that you are hand quilting it! Your flowers are a joy! I don't have a big yard at all but I so love seeing all the beauty your have in yours.

  10. Beautiful quilt and I love that you are hand quilting it! Your flowers are a joy! I don't have a big yard at all but I so love seeing all the beauty your have in yours.

  11. I love the smell of fresh soil!!! When they plow the fields next to us to me is the smell of Spring.
    Your flowers are beautiful!


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