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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Well... we knew we were due for some snow... but puleeeeeeez! Did 26 inches HAVE to fall in one day? lol! I do thank my lucky stars that the power stayed on! We were warm and safe in our home through the entire storm. Roasted a turkey and drank a few cups of hot chocolate...

Which brings us to the morning after... Here is "that Radio Guy" clearing the driveway with the snow thrower...

The lump on the left by the garage is our Highlander... the lump to the right is our Camry... yep... snow drifts nearly 3 foot in places. Like I said, with the winds we had... we were VERY fortunate to keep power throughout this blizzard.

I did finish Tavern House last weekend, though haven't had an opportunity to get a good picture of it all together. Here is an indoors picture of part of the 8th and final block...

Hopefully either during the week or next weekend I can get outside while there is still daylight and get a good picture of the entire piece.

The 4th installment of Blackbird Designs "In The Garden" series arrived in my mail box on Friday... so I thought it was best I got started on the 2nd in the series... ;-) I'll try and get a pic of that one for next weekend's update...

Right now, it is time enjoy some hot soup and watch some football!!!

Until next time... Enjoy each day for the gift that it is! :-)



  1. That was an incredible storm you all had. Glad the power stayed on for you. What a difference,if you're watching the Broncos football game and all the blue sky and warm temps we're having.

  2. Glad your power stayed on! What a storm!!

  3. I'm glad your power stayed on, that is so fortunate. You hubby doesn't seem to mind the big storm as he gets to try his new toy. That's a lot of snow all at once.

    Your stitching is so neat and even.
    I hope your favourite team wins.

  4. Love the snow blower! Glad you kept your power. We did too. It was a beautiful day today after all the yesterday. I say once and done! I got my snow fix.

  5. That's a LOT of snow. We got none :)
    Happy you are safe and sound and with electricity.
    Hugs :)

  6. Happy to hear that you're warm and snug as a bug in your house working on your stitching. :) No snow here...66 degrees yesterday and something similar today. Looking forward to seeing more of your finished blocks.

  7. Yuck! We got lucky this time. Not a flake

  8. I am glad you made it through the storm, looks like you got quite a lot.
    Love your wool piece, that is beautiful.


  9. Hi Sharon,
    So happy you survived THE STORM!!!! Also happy that you still had power!! Roast Turkey and hot chocolate sound just perfect for being snowed in!! Hubby looks like a pro out there with his snowblower!!! That is A LOT OF SNOW!!!
    LOVE your new piece and can't wait to see it all!! You know that is a real favorite!! Happy you got it all done and now are ready to work on your new piece!!!
    Take care and keep staying safe and warm!
    Warm Hugs~

  10. What would we do without our snow blowers !! It took hours to clear our sidewalks and driveway. But, it is beautiful ;)

  11. So very much, hope all is well in the here after of it.
    Take care, and carry on!


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