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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Summer Spools "All Done"!

Isn't that what we would say when we were kids? When we finished "cleaning our plates" of dinner? All Done? lol!

Well... I had finished piecing all the little spools together last weekend... but, just wasn't able to time some sunlight to take a picture outdoors. I really only needed to add the last border.... so when this Friday night rolled around I headed straight down to the sewing room to cut and sew! :-) Naturally we had snow on Friday (the first day of Spring)... then I had to wait for some of that to melt so I could find a sunny spot for pictures... noticed the super flat brown grass around the quilt! lol! Yes... the snow is melting and the March winds are blowing... so this quick picture was the best I could get for now...

"Quilt as desired" is next... *grin*

A couple of options I've been thinking about (for quilting)... since the spools finish up at 2" square, I'm going to refer to this as a "seam intense" piece that I probably would not enjoy hand quilting (too many layers of fabric). So I think I have two options if I'm going to quilt this myself (with my little ol' Kenmore). First being a simple stitch in the ditch following the square shapes of the blocks, then stitch around the applique elements in the center medallion. Second would be to freehand a meander over the entire quilt. The second option would be a first try for me as I haven't yet tried anything other than a straight stitch (with walking foot) for quilting on my machine. Any thoughts?

Eventually, I do plan on investing in a larger machine with more options for quilters... but, let's see what I can get this little Kenmore to do in the time between now and then.

Wishing everyone a belated National Quilt Day and Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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