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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tavern House Blocks 5 & 6

One of my goals for every year is to complete all works in progress before the end of the year. You know... start the New Year off with a clean slate type of thing... sometimes I'm able to follow through and sometimes the project is so large that it's just not possible...for instance... the Snow Days quilt with all of that hand embroidery... :-)

This Tavern House quilt was started in 2013 as a BOM. I stayed with it for a couple of blocks and then fell behind (lost interest)...  then just decided to get reacquainted with it again last week in hopes of finishing it before the end of the year. Good progress has been made...

but... it's a bit iffy on a finish when there's only 4-1/2 days left to this year! lol!

I can say that I rather enjoy the slow stitching of this wool appliqued piece... very peaceful to work on at the end of a day...

Christmas Day was nice for us here! Even though I enjoy this holiday much more with cold breezes and maybe a touch of snow... we made the best of the unseasonably 68 degree weather and took a nice relaxing drive in our Buick Sport Wagon!

Looking forward for Spring to arrive so we can get back to meeting up with the classic car crowd... seems everyone hibernates in the Winter! lol!

Today will be enjoyed with some stitching, some football watching and some snacking on these...

fresh baked peanut butter cookies!!!! :-) Oh YUM!!!

Enjoy each day for the gift that it is!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very

Merry Christmas!

Warm hugs and peaceful dreams,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Garden Club Series & Santa's Hat

Let me tell you... we're having 60* F temps with sunshine today thru Monday!!! While I'm enjoying it... I'm just a little torn between decorating for Christmas, or starting my Spring cleaning? lol!

And, while it's nice out... I thought I'd share a new (and only) start for (technically) 2016. When I read about the Garden Club Series from Blackbird Designs, I could not resist signing up for it! Twelve gardening themed 4" cross stitch pieces... a variety of background linens... final finishing will be to stitch all 12 pieces together into one scrappy, flowery piece!!! Of course, you could finish each piece separately into a pinkeep... but, I really liked the idea of one big patchwork of small cross stitches...

Here is my first finished square... Basket of Cherries...

I signed on as an auto-ship offered by The Silver Needle. Each shipment arrives with the chart and the square of linen. No threads... which works for me since I have plenty in stash! :-) And for the two that I was missing to complete this one... I substituted something close.

And now... on to Santa's Hat! :-) Many thank you's for everyone that took the time to share a positive story! Always a great part of the day to hear about happiness and funny stories from the past (and present)! And, I agree... it is a beautiful time of year when people seem happier and more willing to share a smile with a stranger. Is it the lights? The decorations? Or the enormous amounts of sugar (and chocolate) in all of the festive cookies and candies?!?!? Whatever it is... I wish it could last all year!

After all entries were tossed into Santa's Hat and given a good toss about... the name that was chosen for this growing giveaway is:


Congratulations to Julie! Know that the medium sized flat rate box still continues to be stuffed with quilty goodies... and will be on your way as soon as it is filled to the rim! :-)

Thank you again to everyone that commented... I hope to offer more giveaways during 2016!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Let's Have Some Fun!

It's been a great year! Yes... some bad... but, mostly good... and the bad had to happen before the good could happen! So... it's all good! :-)

To celebrate the good... I'm having a giveaway!!! Just for followers of the blog... a way to say "Thanks for hanging in there"... even between looooooong lengths of time between posts! lol!

Here's a preview picture of some of the items that will be included in a stuffed medium sized flat rate box...

A Summer Gatherings book, packet of Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite, A Primitive Gatherings quilt pattern (Picnic Quilt), some red Minick & Simpson fabric, a Moda Candy booklet, and two packs of Moda Candy! I'll be adding more items as I find them... but, I can honestly say this is a giveaway with quilters and wool applique fans in mind!

What do I ask of you? Simply be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post (only) and share a short Holiday story, a Quilt story, a favorite quilting notion, favorite candy... simply put... share something positive! :-)

Life is good!

All comments will be printed out, folded up and tossed into Santa's hat! Santa's helper will pick a winner Wednesday morning (the 9th)... so, check back here on the 9th... winner will have 48 hours to email me their mailing address.

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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