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Tuesday, October 20, 2015



Sixteen years ago, when I married my sweetheart... my bouquet was made of peach roses...


To enjoy the memories of our wedding and also to enjoy it's sweet scent...I decided to plant a peach (tea rose) in my little garden that autumn.


THIS year, the beetles got the first bud in the Spring... then I went all Summer without a rose... and then FINALLY... three days ago, the FIRST and only bloom of this year happened!!! I made sure I breathed in it's aroma every morning and every evening! :-) The little bloom even survived the last two night's sub 32 degree FREEZING temps!


This morning we had some "visitors"...


The durn BUCK ate it!!!!

Now... I'm all for helping to care for the Earth's fuzzy creatures great and small... I know they are just surviving when they eat all my flowers... *sigh*... but... when I bought a house in the middle of suburbia (most properties are 50 x 150 feet here, so we are pretty densely populated in this area)... I figured the LAST thing I'd have to worry about is deer?

I thought that deer only lived "out in the country"...


I guess the joke's on me, huh!? ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. Stay healthy and keep on smiling is about all you can do anyway when a deer eat your flowers. It's hard to do though because I had a deer eating a whole bed of tulips one year. I was lucky that the stems were not out yet so I still got blooms but the foliage was looking a bit funny.

    I once scared a big deer I encountered on our street one morning . It was drizzling a tiny bit and I was carrying an umbrella in case it would rain, The deer was walking toward me and I figured he would be scared and run away. Instead he looked straight at me and kept coming toward me and was getting close so I flicked open my big black umbrella a few times and he got spooked and high tailed away as fast as he could.

    Great video by way.
    So sorry about the rose. Next year it will be better. in the Spring sprinkle some epsom salt around the bush and scratch it in a little and water well. The epsom salt releases the soluble fertilizer so the plant can absorb it better.
    You can look it up online.

    Have a great week.

  2. Great video!
    Damn deer. They are nothing but giant rats!!! I can relate. I live in the city but with a woods nearby and there are deer droppings in my yard often. They love my flowers, too...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  3. Your husband cracked me up with his video, loved his commentary;)
    We have deer that come into our yard, but I kill my own flowers, nothing for them to eat, haha. I put benches around Dani's tree, afraid they might run into it and damage it, they already ran into our boat rack and broke that.


  4. Happy you got to enjoy the rose for a few minutes before it was chomped to bits.

    Amazingly, we really do live in the country about a mile from the foot of the mountains with fields all around and have only had deer in our yard a handful of times in the 45 years we've lived here. Send him to our house, we'd love to have him and his offspring.

  5. Oh my, what a beauty.
    Funny, when they find something good to eat, they just keep coming back ! Great video !

  6. Oh my Sharon! I'd say he was "pruning" your flowers for you!! With so many developments going up these days, they are just being pushed out. At least you got to smell the rose for a little bit :)

  7. WOW!! Deer can be maddening for sure.
    My front yard is not planted much because of them, they leave my backyard alone.

  8. Oh No! I am so sorry about your flowers and know how you feel we had deer eat all the buds in my garden plus my hosta a couple of years ago.

  9. I'm in NJ too. I have to spray my roses and flowers all Spring/Summer. I found a great spray that doesn't smell like something died in the garden and works at keeping them away. Sorry you lost your rose.

  10. We live in the middle of town, but there is a large ravine that runs nearby and we have deer walking down the street every day. They usually bypass our yard (not yesterday) for my next door neighbor on the corner. She has more flowers than I do. I'm in Oregon and since they mostly leave my flowers alone, I just enjoy seeing them.

  11. Hi Sharon,
    I am so sorry you lost your rose to the deer!!
    They certainly made themselves right at home in your yard!!! Unbelievable!!!
    Hubby did a great job with the video too!!
    Perhaps those deer were also celebrating their anniversary!
    Happy Anniversay to you!
    Warm Hugs~

  12. I have a family of deer that like to visit my flower garden for dessert. Their favorites are lily and rose buds, but they also like to keep my Hosta plants trimmed down to sprigs. I'm not a hunter, but I'm being tempted!

  13. Sorry about your roses, but it did make a great story this morning. Hopefully, next year will be better.

  14. Hi Sharon,
    I really enjoyed your hubby's video! But so sorry about the flowers. I hope they will grow back for next year! It always amazes me how quickly they jump over and how high they clear the fence... fun to watch except when it's your prize roses they are eating!
    Glad you got a few good sniffs of the lovely bloom before it became lunch!
    Cathy G

  15. If you plant it, they will come......

  16. Oh my what a beautiful creature. I'm sure it's annoying for you to lose your flowers, but I could never hurt one of them. I couldn't believe how comfortable he was in your yard. We've had a few in our yard over the years, Greg leaves for work at 3 am and right there in the middle of the yard they stand. Scares him to death when they start to run. We're at the bottom of the mountain, so they come down at night to have a snack!

  17. Awww, I guess he loved that rose as much as you did. Great video though. It always amazes me to see animals like that in residential areas. Its becoming so common and a little scary


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