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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Prairie Home Companion

Well... I was enjoying a vacation all last week... :-) Managed to take care of a few things around the house, did some sewing and a few other fun stuffs....

I don't know how many of you are familiar with (or listen to) NPR (National Public Radio) but, one of their regular radio shows is "Prairie Home Companion". Listening to it on the radio is always nice... but, to see it performed LIVE is a whole new level of experience! So, I've got to say the highlight of the entire vacation was having the opportunity to see Garrison Kiellor and his team perform the radio show "Prairie Home Companion"... live... in Ocean Grove, NJ this past Saturday, August 1st...

Where do I start? Ocean Grove is a religious and tight knit community. Their Auditorium was pretty plain from the outside... but, once you entered through the arches on the sides and looked UP tpwards the ceiling... it was magnificent!!!! All wood with tiny white lights.... carefully constructed curves... the floor was wood... creaked when you walked on it and bowed down a bit towards the center... First thought that came to mind was "I feel like I'm standing in The Arc"... lol!... looking around you could not help but notice the profound pipes of the completely functioning pipe organ (they hold mass in this auditorium) and the large wood American Flag accented with lights. I'll have to direct you to this link HERE so you can see pictures since the ones I took with my camera were too blurry and dark... there is also a 10 minute video from a portion of this show.

Garrison Kiellor was in among the audience at times, and also on stage at times... he gave such a passionate and heart felt performance... I was so entranced throughout the entire 3 hours... stories, song, jokes and hymns... it really was heavenly and I'm still so excited that I was able to enjoy the show live! After 41 years, he is retiring... so this is his farewell tour... if he is traveling through your area... try your best to get tickets!!! You will NOT be disappointed! :-)

We managed to get our own little video of the auditorium and tiny bits of the show... did not want to take too much (and get in trouble)... but, wanted our own little video as a memory that we were there...

The audio on our video is not very accurate... Sarah Jarosz has an absolutely amazing and rich voice... she plays mandolin, guitar and more and is truly a blessed musical talent! Visit their websites to see more!

And yes... the June list... slowly became the July list... and I managed to squeeze two projects done (but not finished) right on into August! :-) First up is the punchneedle design from Country Stitches...

Finishes at 10" x 5"... so, it's a pretty big size. I plan on attaching this to a cigar box... so pics of the "finished finish" should be posted soon... and next is a tiny quilt top pieced together...

it's  a Temecula Quilt Co. "Postcard Quilt"... they are sold as small kits and the instructions for the quilt are printed on a postcard. This design was referred to as a "modified Log Cabin design"... but, I modified it even more since my attention span was that of a goldfish on Sunday... lol! True to form... I even have a "make do" patch... my bad (I was just so excited to actually be sitting and sewing!!!) ;-) All this in a 12-1/2" square quilt! *grin*... I hope to "quilt as desired" this coming weekend...

Yes... it's been a quick couple of months... lots going on and it's mostly all good! From reading everyone else's blogs I know I'm not the only one wondering where time goes... :-)

Best get started on some Christmas projects....

I guess...


Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!!!



  1. I am an NPR junkie! How exciting that you got to see Prairie Home Companion live.

    I have never tried punchneedle but I love the look. I follow Rose's blog, Three Sheep Studio, she has some gorgeous projects. I would love to learn this craft.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice vacation and it is always nice to relax.
    Someday I will actually do that;)


  3. I am so ready for a vacation. I'll have mine is mid September. Glad you had a great relaxing vacation. Love the punch needle rug and the little quilt square.

    Wow, that place looks huge.


  4. So glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation, Sharon !
    Your projects are wonderful. It always feels so good to get my hands busy again. ;)

  5. My family owned a small hotel on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove. What great memories I have of that little town. So glad you enjoyed your visit.

  6. I enjoy so much of NPR...would love to see The Prairie Home Companion in person, so glad you got the chance...quilt as desired...hate those three words!

  7. my childhood and teenage years were spent every summer in spring lake, new jersey...my parents wanted warm water and chose to leave new england
    for the mid atlantic. what a beautiful town and our family still owns the house.
    one of my closest friends spent his summers in ocean grove...his parents
    were from caldwell, nj. his fondest memories were of the sunday night singing
    performances from the local choirs. i have two sisters who are in new jersey,
    one in little silver and one in rumson. another sister is a st. joseph sister and her groups summer home is in cape may and another sister is an ihm whose
    summer home is in stone harbor. funny that so many experiences have happened in new jersey since we are bostonians. you can see prarie home companion on youtube...and we have seen it in person too...definitely changes the experience. thanks for the trip down memory lane. greetings from newburyport!

  8. How fun to see a live performance! I agree--not sure what happened and how it got to be August already. I had so many plans for redoing my flower garden and doing some new landscaping--never happened, and I've kind of lost interest now. Oh well--there's always next year--lol!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Sounds like you did all the things you should do on vacation.....exactly what you want!!! Your concert sounds like it was amazing!! Nothing better than going to something LIVE!!! So happy you got to make that special memory!
    Love your projects and that you are making them your own!!! More to check off the list!! Hooray for you!!
    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my PictureTrail! Couldn't have said it better myself!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Warm Hugs~

  10. What a lovely venue in which to enjoy your favorite show. Thx for sharing. The subtle colors in your punch needle are lovely and soothing. Look forward to seeing the finish. Love those little quilts from Temecula....so doable.....and that you made it your own.


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