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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day Dreaming

Yah... I've been doing a lot of that... mostly watching videos... some on Youtube and some on Craftsy. Yes. All of them have been about quilting! :-)

I've watched a dozen or so videos on Spring Quilt Market... and seeing the newest fabric line "Farmhouse" from Fig Tree Quilts has me wishing for September... lol!

Joanna Figueroa has also designed some fabulous patterns that use this fabric beautifully... difficult to pick a favorite... but, I do have the patterns for "County Fair", "Juniper" and "Picnic"... just waiting on the fabric... *sigh* Check it out for yourself at the Fig Tree & Co. website... click on the blog link to see even more spectacular pics of the Farmhouse fabric line...

Craftsy has been a wonderful source of quilting how-to and supplies for me... I've taken "Simple Fresh Quilts" by Joanna Figueroa and loved her style of teaching. There's quite a few patterns included in the price of the class. So, well worth checking it out for yourself.

And since I enjoyed that class so much, I signed on for her newest class, "Smarter Strip Quilting"

Haven't watched it yet though... been researching new sewing machines. Looking for a "next step up" from what I have. The main features I am looking for are more precise stitch control (length and width) and perhaps a larger area between the needle and arm of the machine (so I can quilt my larger quilts myself)... day dreaming of a Janome 7700... though the price would keep it a dream unless I win the lotto or a sizeable jackpot at a casino... lol!

My other pastime is reading the blogs of fellow quilters, rug hookers and cross stitchers... and I've taken notice that one main trait of the folks that seem to accomplish a good amount of finishes are folks that make a monthly list of goals... so I think that I'll settle down for the evening and make a good list for June...

If you enjoy wool applique or cross stitch... I have a few more items listed on eBay HERE...

See you soon with a list of what's to do in June...

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. I watch those videos too but my crafting never seems to follow. Lol. Those fabrics look gorgeous.

  2. There is nothing wrong with day dreaming !
    Some great ideas come out of day dreaming ! (Like lists of goals).
    Your classes look very interesting.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with my to-do list. Necessary to keep me on track but always a reminder of what I have yet to do. You are truly a quilter, now...what with your dreaming of fabric and watching videos, etc. ha! Looking forward to what you come up with for your next sewing machine. I love my Naomi Janome!

  4. I'm good at making list, just wish I would work off of them. LOL Enjoy your daydreaming.

  5. I love Craftsy classes and I love that you can watch them more than once if you want to.

    Love the Janome but I would have to win the lotto too.

    I am a list maker...now if I can just make some progress on my lists. Can't wait to see your June goals.

  6. I think I have purchased about five Craftsy classes and have yet to watch any of them--no time to stop sewing!!

  7. You are one busy lady.....So impressed that you are really focusing on what you WANT to do.....
    As far as a sewing machine search - I just love my Janome...I don't have a fancy one because I never use all the stitches but I really love the machines...
    Dreams can become reality - never give up!!!

  8. Sharon that is some gorgeous fabric...my eyes have been delighting in the lighter colors lately..looks like a jackpot is in order for that machine....but if you need it...


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