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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Say You?


When the weather outside is frightful, this lady hibernates in the sewing room... lol! I've been stitching along on these little spools...

Each little step in the process seemed to be going along just fine...

I even managed to figure a way to prevent my Kenmore from chewing up the points on the corners...

Pressing pieces open goes pretty well on one of these metallic, grippy fabric ironing pads...

But, then I started to sew the ends onto the centers... things just went all wonky from there... the center spool not quite lining up properly with the end caps... and, therefore, I am no longer "enjoying the process" of assembling this little quilt...

So... I ask you for some good, honest thoughts...

Is it really possible to get all of these lined up perfectly? And, would you consider that effort well worth your time? Is it really THAT important that they all line up perfectly?

How much of this (inaccurate matching) will actually "quilt out" with a meander pattern and after a wash and fluff?

Maybe it's best I just accept the fact that I am not a "many, small pieces, patchwork kind of gal"... and toss this project and get back to some needleturn applique, cross stitch, wool work or rug hooking?!?!?! lol!

So please... honestly...

What say you?



  1. You know my opinion, lol. Like anything I make is ever straight or lined up and I keep it that way;) I am not good with piecing or doing small appliqués. This week I can't even punch right, realized I used the same color in the same heart instead of putting it on another, so I left it.


  2. can't even say...,,, but when these things happen, it drives me nuts!
    I can't do good points at all!

  3. I hate to say it, but the misalignment is pretty obvious. I don't think quilting or washing it will fix the problem.
    Have you tried to fix just one block and what does it do to the squareness of the block? Can you manipulate the seam allowances a little bit to make them fit better and if you do will the blocks still fit together?
    That's a lot of work to just abandon.
    I hope you can find a solution. I think it will be really pretty when you finish.

  4. I'm not a quilter but it looks to me like if you just go over each one with a bit deeper seam (maybe another 1/8") it would match up better.
    Personally, I like wonky, prim quilts. Love the 2 color fabrics you used.

  5. Ok , let's finish the sentence! My motto is...if it's worth doing...it's worth doing right! It's a lot of work, but I would try to make it work. It does make a difference in the end result and once you master getting your points even it just becomes easier. Please post your finish....I just know it will be fabulous!
    Hugs Marg.

  6. Sharon,
    I'm going to suggest perhaps it's the method. I used a different method that seems much easier to me. I know it can be terribly frustrating when things don't come out right after all that time and work. Hugs, Lori

  7. I tend to agree with Pat.
    I have difficulty myself to have pieces fit right especially when working with points. I would suggest to not do assembly line method until you have things worked out just right as it will throw your alinement out of balance for the rest of the quilt. That is , one block at a time.

    Please don't give up. It's such a pretty pattern and you have. It's worth to be done well. I have a star pattern King size quilt that I started a while back and I ran into alinement problem so I got frustrated and put it aside. It's still waiting for me but I'll never give up. I have too much on my plate just now. ( I'm vacationing)

    Good luck with this. Let us see a square aligned perfectly and celebrate...


  8. My blog is called Humble Quilts! Do you want it to be perfect? Or do you want to try a new pattern, color combo, or method and have fun and end up with a quilt top with lots of memories, but not exactly perfection? If you really will hate it, stop, and send it to someone who will finish it and enjoy it for it's not perfectness.

  9. Sharon I completely understand your frustration! The few times I've tried quilting and piece work the same thing has happened to me. As stubborn as I am I'd keep working at it trying to figure out where I went wrong and how the quilters get those perfectly matching points! I love that design you are working on and it would be OH so lovely when done!! Press and piece on I say!! But keep the rug hooking handy!!
    Cathy G

  10. In the words of Tim Gunn: make it work! I agree with susiedele that it looks like you could take a slightly deeper seam allowance, trim them up a little smaller so they all match in size and call it a day.

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  12. So Sharon.....SMILE its just a small project!
    However, I know your desire to be perfect and do a good job. Your other projects prove that!!! A few suggestions....Just work on one spool and try a few different things to see where the "oops" occurred.
    Check seam allowance, check accuracy of cutting, These both can cause this issue..
    I love what you have started so I suggest you put it on the hold shelf until you see where the challenge started. We get better all the time from learning from our frustrations. Just play with one black and put the rest away for a time. You will be glad you did :)
    Great little quilt - give it time!!!
    Keep moving forward :)

  13. I could never do what you do so even if it's a little wonky, I think it's great.

  14. I'm not a quilter so I have no suggestion or opinion whatsoever :)
    Maybe take a break and come back at a later date. Oh, I guess I did have a suggestion...lol.
    Hugs :)

  15. I just push through and whatever happens, happens!! I know that isn't the best 'quilter' response, but I am so far from perfect in my quilts, it isn't even funny. I always give it my best effort, but by the end... nope!

  16. I don't worry if everything matches up perfectly. And I agree that with quilting and washing, everything will wrinkle up a bit and not make any difference.


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