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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tavern House Block 4

A little bit of stitching has been going on here... just having some difficulty getting pics taken when the daylight hours are so short. But, as of December 21st (or even a few days before) I have started to notice a little more daylight on the horizon as I drive home from work. :-) Won't be long before I can get those golf clubs cleaned up and ready! ;-)

But, back to today... One goal that I had set to accomplish for December was to finish all of the projects I had started during the year. Well, I did finish one, the other is just way to involved to rush along... so Block 4 of the wool quilt Tavern House is complete... Blocks 5 thru 8 will be for those weekends in January and February that are too cold to venture outside of my warm home...

The basket color is darker, but the camera flash washed the color out of it.

Those of you that are familiar with this Maggie Bonanomi design know that this block should have initials and the year in the middle... but, while stitching on this part of it, I dreamed up a little something different to put there... but, the reveal of that will happen when the entire quilt has been pieced together... ;-)

The other finish was this Alphabet Sampler (started in July). It is a Birds Of A Feather design. The stitched area is 7-1/2 x 10. It's pressed and put away in tissue until I find a good prim frame for it.

The white spot by the "S" is from the camera flash... it's not a hole in the linen. lol!

Many folks have a tradition of starting a brand new project on the first day of the New Year.... so, I figured it would be a good time for me to get started on another Temecula Quilt Shop design that took place during the 2014 Summer months. This was a free stitch-along that offered the option to use your own stash, or purchase a kit from them. Since Temecula always (in my opinion) offers the perfect fabric selections for these projects... I went ahead and purchased the kit. :-) Tomorrow will be a full day of peaceful piecing... :-)

A peek at the fabrics in the kit.

As we wind down another year, we sometimes make those "promises", "goals", "resolutions", "list of intentions" for the up and coming year... I know I do... and I did pretty well with 2014's concept of buying less new projects (stash)... referring back to the previous post about "time" and how quickly it keeps passing, I now have a good idea of how much time actually gets invested in these projects. Yes, folks... hand made takes time... and A LOT of it too! :-) So, that has helped me to decide what new to buy... example being "Great design, but is the finished project really worth all that time put into making it"? And that question alone helped me get through all of the tempting "12 days sales" and other "limited time offers" that were posted all over the internet beginning the day after Thanksgiving. Would you believe I bought only ONE item? And that was a small hooked rug pattern from Star Rug Company called Little Deer.... just too cute to resist! :-) 

Back to the 2015 "hobby" goal... which is to continue with enjoying the process of creating with what I already have in stash... to only purchase the stuff needed to finish one of said projects... and to limit buying new to what is truly worth the time invested to complete it. The main intention is to get to the point where I can walk into a quilt shop, hook-in or needlework store and happily (guilt free) purchase everything for a new project and then take it home and start right on it with a clear mind... :-)

The 2015 "health, home & lifestyle" goals are to continue simplifying. Less physical clutter in the home brings less mental clutter. And, with less mental clutter, one can truly breath calmly and enjoy the people closest to us! :-) That's what life is truly all about.... the people.... not the "stuff"... make memories, not regrets... use time wisely!

Wishing you all the best of health, happiness and peace always!

Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today is Today

.... and it is what it is...

I've realized for a very long time that time waits for no one. I also know that each of us is given the exact same amount of time (in each day). What's important is that you use that time wisely... for no one really knows how much time we have remaining. So keep life simple.... and keep it happy! :-)

I did manage a few stitches over the Thanksgiving weekend... you know... in between cooking that delicious turkey and trimmings and stuffing myself silly with enormous amount of comfort food! :-) I did get the binding hand sewn to my (long term project) Snow Days quilt... but it took until today to get half decent pics to share because then the weather went to rainy and windy with some snow mixed in... and then it went back to the work schedule which left a dark evening when I got home at night... so I finally got some sunshine today to get some pics to share (just not a full view because the ground is still wet)... the binding is a dark brown and the backing is a teal...

There was also some progress on the primitive alphabet cross stitch sampler I started in July... I should finish that this afternoon so I'll wait until next post to share pics of it.

I haven't set aside any time to decorate for Christmas yet. I'm just not "feeling it". I see and hear stories of folks running here and there and making lists and stressing about what to give to who and when and where to buy it and this must be done before this day... when I take a car ride to a friend's house or even just driving home from work... I notice the parking lots near stores packed to the edge... rows and rows of cars... and people running with arm loads of bags of stuff... and pushing folks out of their way... i can see they aren't "Merry"... yet people do it all... just watching it wears me out...

We had a simple Holiday luncheon at work last Friday... we went to our Radio Club's Holiday party last night... they were both amazing, simple and fun! We enjoyed some stories, lots of laughs and great food... with some strings of lights and greenery to add some sparkle to the night... good stuff!

I'm looking forward to baking some cookies... some quiet time stitching... Christmas music on the stereo or maybe a classic Christmas movie on the TV... will the house get filled with decorations, trees and lights? Maybe. Maybe not.

But, I do know my Christmas will be Merry, peaceful and full of smiles...

.... and cookies...

Did I mention the cookies? ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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