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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happiness Is...

A late night at the sewing bench...

256 pretty 1-1/2" squares of fabric

that have become

64 cute little 4-patches

that will become

the next border on my

Temecula Summer Block of the Week
Medallion Quilt

Good night for now...


Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Growing!

Border by border... inch by inch... week by week... this little Summer quilt project from Temecula Quilt Shop is growing! It's a super enjoyable summer project too... one week has a border with many pieces... and then followed by a simple border...

Week 6 brought a border of square in a square...

Week 7 was easy breezy... and also introduced an unexpected fabric change that adds to the interest and antique appeal of this design...

If I remember correctly, I think we're up to 32" square so far... and I'm already looking forward to next weeks packet to arrive! :-)

On days when it's too hot in my stitching room, you can find me upstairs in the air conditioned living room stitching tiny x's. Here's some progress on a Birds Of A Feather Alphabet Sampler that's been in my stash (kitted) since 2002...

And... if you've been wondering what "that radio guy" has been up to... well... here's a picture of his latest restoration...

It's a 1941 Zenith 6S 511... repainted a buttery yellow with gloss black accents... this completely restored AM and Shortwave little beauty plays as well as it looks!!! And the best part is, she's perched upon a shelf in my sewing room! :-) 

So that's about it here... many thanks for all the bids on my current auctions! I appreciate the help with getting my stash of projects down to a manageable size... it simply makes hooking, quilting and stitching that much more relaxing! :-)

Until next time... stay health & keep on smiling!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flowers and Some Auctions

I've been stitching right along with the Temecula Quilt Shop Summer Block of the Week... the latest border has quite a few pieces in it... so I'm taking my time and marking all the pieces with 1/4" seams so that I can accurately line everything up... the FIRST time! lol!

In the meantime... if you are a cross stitcher and would like to take a peek at a few of my eBay auctions... click HERE...

If you just want to look at some pics of the most colorful section of my flower garden... see below...

That's all for now...


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Temecula Summer BOW

Hi folks! Thanks for the kind words on my horse rug! Rug hooking is what brought me into this wonderful world of handwork... and I still enjoy it the most... though in the heat of Summer... I need something a bit cooler to create... thus, I quilt with cottons too! ;-)

Temecula Quilt Company offered up a Summer Block of the Week program that I could not resist! Between the fabrics they are known for and the different type of design... I have been having a fun time stitching on this one! Most of the Block of the Month and/or Block of the Week programs are just that... blocks! What is fun about this one is that it started with a center medallion and each week we receive fabric and piecing instructions for a border! Love the concept! 

I did fall a bit behind on the mailings as I wanted to finish the horse rug before starting another project... so, here's the quick run of the first 5 weeks...
 Week 1

  Week 2

  Week 3

 Week 4

A note about Week 4... I am relatively new to quilting, which makes me not very familiar with all of the piecing techniques. When I got to this "quarter square triangle border", I nearly threw in the towel on this project! I had accurately cut all the pieces to the proper size... but, when I started piecing the triangles together, the length of my border finished at about 1-1/2" too long... so, I brought out the seam ripper and began to take it apart... and when I tried again, the same thing happened! :-(

So, I put my head in my hands and threw a mini "boo-hoo-pitty-party"!!! I whined something like "dang it! I don't know what I'm doing wrong here... I'm never going to get this border right... and even though I REALLY want to finish this quilt... I just may have to stop here... ahhhhh... boo-hoo-hoooooo!" lol! BUT, then I remembered my 24/7 mentor "Youtube"... ;-) Yes, there is a trick to this, and there is ONE video on Youtube that explains it! So, if there is anyone else that got stuck at this point of the series... here's the "secret":

And after following those tips, the border finished up the right size and I was then able to continue on to the next border...

 Week 5

That makes me all caught up to the mailings now... Week 6 should arrive this Friday or Monday...

Until next time.... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Is Finally Here!

Today is July 1st and Summer is in full force! We have mid 90's with hazy skies and humidity soaked breezes! I used to not like this weather... but after last Winter (cold, snow, shovel, repeat).... I LOVE hazy, hot and humid!!!! Bring on the sun! :-)

Of course, heat and humidity is not too comfortable while hooking with wool... but, with the help of a trusty air conditioner, I managed to pull all the loops on my Antique Horse Rug! :-)

I had purchased this pattern from Lori Rippey of homespunprimsbylori a few months ago. Since this is an adaptation of an antique rug, Lori drew the pattern a bit different from the original... and then I also hooked it a little bit different from the pattern... but, the main elements are the same, horses, birds and a tree! The hooked area finishes up at 46" x 23".... I should be steaming it after I post here, so I can let it dry quickly outside in the heat of the day...

So much more to tell you about... but, I'll break it all up into a couple of posts... on lazy, hot days like today... it's easier to just share pics of the garden... :-)

 Gazania and Gardenia

  Gazania and Marigold

I think this is a type of coneflower... 
too many years the rabbits ate it before it had a chance to bloom...
this year I protected the first sprouts with chicken wire. ;-)

  Daisies and Hydrangea already bowing their heads from the late morning heat

  I think this is called "Antique Pistachio".
It's a hybrid hydrangea. Eventually the bright greens of the
flowers will change to more of the antique pink you see.

  Liatris and Hydrangea

  Another hybrid hydrangea I bought at Home Depot last year.
The petals are bright pink in the center with white edges.
I'll share another pic when more blooms open.


  Impatiens with Seed Flower (I think)

  Gazania and Petunia
These are in hanging baskets
(the black lines in the pic are the hangers)

Hopefully some folks are enjoying a vacation this week... getting in some rest and relaxation before our country's grand celebration of Independence Day this coming Friday!!!!

Have a great week!


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