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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Days Outside Border 4

This is a fun quilt to be piecing together when it is single digits outside! :-) Although I really have had enough of this Winter's frigid temperatures... the embroidery in this quilt reminds me of when I was a kid... and simply LOVED to go outside and play in the snow....

There is more embroidery that needs to be extended into the top pieced section... but, I'll get to that a little bit later... right now I'm concentrating on getting the piecing all set. Next step will be another section of the center.

I have been going through some of my stash again... while working on this quilt, I've realized that I will never get to stitch all of the kits I have... so I have listed a few Jan Patek kits on eBay. All of these kits have the patterns... and include the original Jan Patek Moda fabrics that were used in the design of the pattern. Click here to check it out! You just might find something you simply have to stitch up between now and Spring's arrival! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Days Inside Section 3

This Snow Days quilt has a center area that is all pieced. The Quilted Crow organized this BOM so that the first 5 months included some of these inside pieces along with the outside embroidered and pieced blocks... with that said, here is the "Section 3" of the center completed...

Jacque has been stitching on this right along with me (over the last 3 years)... so she has heard the brunt of my piecing trial and errors (and more errors and mishaps)... does that make her my Patron Saint of Quilting? lol! :-) My last rant was about the Martha Washington Block... that's the little 6" bugger in the upper right of the pic. The center pinwheel is rotated funky... but, hey... why not stitch some of my own personality in this quilt, right? :-)

So here's a picture of part of my bench... the paper on the left has the entire layout of the quilt, along with the sections marked out as they were mailed. And, in the "scraps and ort jar" is a very important ingredient to "patient piecing"... can you see it? lol! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Top Two

I'm stitching right along on Snow Days here... that would be the "Number One" on my list of projects to finish before beginning something new.

I've done the piecing for Block 3. This time I cut the embroidered part down to size and attached it to the pieced parts. I did have an "oops" with cutting the embroidered part... but, I've cleverly placed a box of Clover pins over that area so you can't see it! lol! And those Clover pins (with the flower heads) are now in the trash... they are so thick, it feels as if you're using a tree trunk to test a cake for doneness... seriously...

So that's my current project for my bench... which is now all arranged to support my quilting habit...

My bench will stay this way until I finish Snow Days... this is now entering it's fourth year of being a WIP here... yeesh!

And, since sometimes I watch football (especially during playoffs) ;-) I figured I would set up a project that I could stitch while sitting in my football watching chair... much more productive (and less destructive) than throwing cheese doodles at the TV when the referee plays favorites...

This would be my "Number Two" project to finish before starting something new... This is "Tavern House", a design by Maggie Bonanomi. Her original design called for some areas to be stitched with velvet... but, since I'm pretty fumbly with stitching under turned edges of velvet... I was very happy to see that Primitive Gatherings offered this design as an ALL WOOL Block of the Month. The BOM offer has since passed (2013)... but, there are full kits still available. You all know how nice the mottling is on their hand dyed woolens!

For this wool applique project, I'm holding the pieces in place with small pins instead of using the Stem A Seam Lite... and then stitching down each piece with a whip stitch using a single strand of coordinating DMC floss.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! lol!

"Live the Life You Love"...


Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hot off the frame! This still needs steamed and binding... but, I'm thrilled to have a piece hooked so early in the year! This is a pattern I picked up at the Brandywine Hook-in last October...

13" x 20"
Hooked on linen with #6 cut hand dyed and as-is woolens

And here is my "bench" where I hook, applique and quilt... it's in our partially finished basement. This is how it looks during the hooking process...

... and next I'll show the "transformation" into a quilting area! lol!

You know... at one point in time I had dreams of having a HUGE creative room where I could have many projects (of different mediums) in progress all at once... and, of course a HUGE stash of wool and cottons and threads... but, that would require me buying a bigger house... and a bigger house means more space to clean too... and all that extra cleaning time would cut into my creative time... so, I guess I'm more than happy with my little space here... and it's transformations to entertain the current whim... :-)

And that folks... is what a brain thinks about when hooking primitive Santas in sub zero temperatures... lol

"Say Goodnight, Gracie"...



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yep... It's January...

Yesterday was "take down the tree day"... that lovely pillar of lights and shiny ornaments that added visual warmth and coziness to our little home for Christmas is now all but a memory... *sigh*

We went from Friday having a storm that blanketed us with 10" of snow... to Sunday and Monday having torrential rains and near 60 degrees... to today being a dirty, rotten, stinkin' VERY uncomfortable 5 degrees with horrid winds to bring the "real feel" to "sub-zero-I-am-SOOOO-happy-our-home-has-indoor-plumbing"... Yikes! ;-)

Yep... it's January...

So, let's make some Valentines to brighten the day... that's what I did yesterday! I had this ModaBakeShop tutorial bookmarked for some time now... always meaning to give it a try... it looked simple enough... And since it's near Valentine's Day, I picked out a heart shaped wire wreath frame and then shopped my stash... I found some cream fabric with white and red flowers on it... and since burlap seems to be all the rage now (but I did not have any in stash), I used my excess of osnaburg for a similar look.

This one finishes up at 15" from top to bottom. The frame has 3 rows of wire... so I alternated osnaburg, cotton fabric, osnaburg... and used a pair of pinking shears to eyeball cutting the pieces to approximately 1-1/2" x 5". So now it's hanging on our front door... I'm very surprised no icicles had formed on it overnight.... geesh! ;-)

I've also started some piecing of Snow Days, but haven't been brave enough to cut the embroidered blocks to size yet and attach to the pieced blocks. Plus, I'm still learning (practicing) piecing and getting the sizes accurate... in other words... this will take me some time, but it will get done!

It's also been another month or so of sorting, tossing and donating... I can not put to words how much "lighter" I feel that all that clutter is G-O-N-E! Now I can think about the important stuff a bit more clearly...

Until next time... stay healthy, keep smiling and stay warm!


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