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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Is Finally Here!

Today is July 1st and Summer is in full force! We have mid 90's with hazy skies and humidity soaked breezes! I used to not like this weather... but after last Winter (cold, snow, shovel, repeat).... I LOVE hazy, hot and humid!!!! Bring on the sun! :-)

Of course, heat and humidity is not too comfortable while hooking with wool... but, with the help of a trusty air conditioner, I managed to pull all the loops on my Antique Horse Rug! :-)

I had purchased this pattern from Lori Rippey of homespunprimsbylori a few months ago. Since this is an adaptation of an antique rug, Lori drew the pattern a bit different from the original... and then I also hooked it a little bit different from the pattern... but, the main elements are the same, horses, birds and a tree! The hooked area finishes up at 46" x 23".... I should be steaming it after I post here, so I can let it dry quickly outside in the heat of the day...

So much more to tell you about... but, I'll break it all up into a couple of posts... on lazy, hot days like today... it's easier to just share pics of the garden... :-)

 Gazania and Gardenia

  Gazania and Marigold

I think this is a type of coneflower... 
too many years the rabbits ate it before it had a chance to bloom...
this year I protected the first sprouts with chicken wire. ;-)

  Daisies and Hydrangea already bowing their heads from the late morning heat

  I think this is called "Antique Pistachio".
It's a hybrid hydrangea. Eventually the bright greens of the
flowers will change to more of the antique pink you see.

  Liatris and Hydrangea

  Another hybrid hydrangea I bought at Home Depot last year.
The petals are bright pink in the center with white edges.
I'll share another pic when more blooms open.


  Impatiens with Seed Flower (I think)

  Gazania and Petunia
These are in hanging baskets
(the black lines in the pic are the hangers)

Hopefully some folks are enjoying a vacation this week... getting in some rest and relaxation before our country's grand celebration of Independence Day this coming Friday!!!!

Have a great week!



  1. Sharon,
    Your rug turned out so awesome! I love what you did with it and the colors you used. Just perfect! Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Independence Day! Hugs, Lori

  2. I like those prim style horses.

  3. I love the wools that you used, gorgeous prim shades, really nice effect for the antique look. Your gardens are beautiful, as well. I need to do some landscaping someday.


  4. Sharon, your rug looks awesome. I like the quietness of the colors if there's such a thing. And I like the beauty of your flowers. I need a little cool right now. I've been weeding in that sweltering hea.t
    Happy 4th of July.

  5. The flowers in your garden are beautiful!

  6. Hey Sharon...LOVE your rug! That's a good size, too! Nice flower photos. Glad you're enjoying the summer.

  7. Wow! What a gorgeous rug! Those colors are so peaceful and calm! That is a big rug too! Steaming one that size in this weather makes a lady a little steamy too... LOL! AC is a blessing for sure!
    Your flowers are spectacular! Love that stroll through your garden!
    Happy 4th of July Sharon!!
    Cathy G

  8. Sharon-
    I love that rug....I can see it on your floor in Delaware!!! Your flowers are just beautiful - you sure have a green thumb.

  9. Oh my, your horse rug is lovely and the flowers are gorgeous.

  10. What a beautiful hooked rug, Sharon! I love the softness of the colors!
    Oh please continue to show pictures of your garden flowers... I love seeing them! The hybrid hydrangeas are gorgeous! The second to the last picture...the seed flower... my Mom has those in her Wisconsin garden. She calls them blanket daisies. They are a favorite of mine!

  11. Sharon, you did such a great job on your rug, such beautiful soft colors!!
    I'm currently working on the same adaptation.
    You sure do have a green thumb, your flowers are spectacular!

  12. Oh my, I love, love, LOVE the rug!!!! The colours that you used are absolute perfection!
    And.......such gorgeous blooms...you have green fingers indeed.
    Happy Holiday to you!
    Sending summertime hugs ....

  13. Your rug is AWESOME!!!! Your flowers are pretty awesome too!!!

  14. That rug is gorgeous. I love the design and the soft colors you used. Great job girl! I haven't hooked in weeks. You make me want to start a new project


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