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Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Growing!

Border by border... inch by inch... week by week... this little Summer quilt project from Temecula Quilt Shop is growing! It's a super enjoyable summer project too... one week has a border with many pieces... and then followed by a simple border...

Week 6 brought a border of square in a square...

Week 7 was easy breezy... and also introduced an unexpected fabric change that adds to the interest and antique appeal of this design...

If I remember correctly, I think we're up to 32" square so far... and I'm already looking forward to next weeks packet to arrive! :-)

On days when it's too hot in my stitching room, you can find me upstairs in the air conditioned living room stitching tiny x's. Here's some progress on a Birds Of A Feather Alphabet Sampler that's been in my stash (kitted) since 2002...

And... if you've been wondering what "that radio guy" has been up to... well... here's a picture of his latest restoration...

It's a 1941 Zenith 6S 511... repainted a buttery yellow with gloss black accents... this completely restored AM and Shortwave little beauty plays as well as it looks!!! And the best part is, she's perched upon a shelf in my sewing room! :-) 

So that's about it here... many thanks for all the bids on my current auctions! I appreciate the help with getting my stash of projects down to a manageable size... it simply makes hooking, quilting and stitching that much more relaxing! :-)

Until next time... stay health & keep on smiling!



  1. those look like great projects!
    loving your stitching!
    what's kind of paint does your guy use on the radios?
    assuming some kind of enamel(?), we still have one that needs painting.
    but the old girl still plays!
    I love the Zenith!
    hope you're having a great summer!

  2. You are doing an awesome job! Love it! She (TQC) does a beautiful job with fabric selection. Cant wait to see whats next!
    I should have done it :(

  3. Sharon...you are doing outstanding work on piecing that little quilt! I was going to say amazing, but that might be taken as I am surprised. And, I am not. That is an amazing combination of color and design, though. Keep up the good work! LOVE the radio.

  4. Your work is always so beautiful, as well as your stitchery.


  5. Your little quilt is so beautiful. I can't believe the amount of work in that little piece. Wow....
    The radio is absolutely a beauty, just like new. You both do excellent work. Love the stitching too. You are always sp productive.
    Have a great week Sharon.

  6. I wasn't sure if my comment went through. Sometimes I forget to click on Publish.
    That should be "You are so productive".

  7. Your summer quilt block is beautiful and looks so very perfect !
    That radio is a real 'prize'. Your husband did a wonderful job on it.

  8. Such perfect pieces...your quilt is coming along wonderfully...and how exciting to look forward to a surprise each week!
    Enjoy all of your lovely projects!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Your quilt is just wonderful and I love the colors you are using!! Really lovely!!
    That radio is so fun and how great that it works too!! Your stitching project looks like fun and I'm sure is a nice change from all the quilt squares! We needlewomen love to change things up, yes?
    Take care and have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  10. Sharon, Your quilting is so perfect and such beautiful fabrics!
    Your radio is something special!

  11. What a lovely quilt. You are really doing a wonderful job. I love that radio. I talked my grandpa into giving me one he had in his shed. It was just like that. I listened to it all of the time.
    It is nice to see one like it all restored.


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