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Friday, June 13, 2014


After about 5 days of clouds, rain and thunderstorms... the sunshine finally made an appearance! :-) Here's a couple of flower pics from the garden... I only have a point and shoot type camera... so please forgive the blur of the peach rose... it was just a bud this morning... so, it will probably be gone by tomorrow...


Have a wonderful weekend folks!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Completely Different

For the last two posts I have been promising to show you "something completely different" from what you're used to seeing on my blog... and maybe anywhere else too?

When Julie from The Old Tattered Flag posted pictures on her blog of a "designed by her" Wool Beeskep... I thought "Wow! How clever and different is that!?!?!?".... Then, she posted that kits were available on The Old Tattered Flag website! Well... I could not click the buttons on my computer quick enough! :-) And a couple of days later, the kit arrived at my doorstep...

Took me a little bit of practice to get the twisting of the wool going... but, eventually it all came together and mine (sorta kinda) looks almost like Julie's? ;-) I stuffed mine with cotton and some dried lavender... and it now sits on a wooden stool on my front (inside) porch.

Aside from making this beeskep, I'm keeping busy with planting some flowers and also more hooking on the horse rug... I also went through some more of my wool and quilt kits and listed a few more (plus a couple of other items) on eBay.... if you are interested... click HERE to view the auctions.

Happy Summer!


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