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Friday, February 28, 2014

Snow Days... A Finish!

Yes indeed! My goal was to get this Snow Days to a finished top by the end of February... and here we are... on the 28th... *grin*

I apologize for the crumby pictures... but my yard is a mess from real snow... so these were taken in my living room (on the floor)...

The entire top...
 Lower left corner...
 Lower right corner...
 Upper left corner...
 Upper right corner...
There are a few areas in the quilt where the embroidery extends into a pieced block. Here is a close-up of one of those sections...
I'm actually at a loss of what more to say... I guess maybe I'm in a state of disbelief right now... lol! There were so many times during this process that I almost gave up. Prior to my signing up for this BOM, the only "piecing" experience I had was hand sewing squares together to make a table top quilt. And use of my 20 year old Kenmore sewing machine was limited only to being used to stay stitch the edges of my hooked rugs before binding...

It was Jacque of thedoodlesofmymind blog that brought this pattern to my attention back in 2010. Yes. That long ago! lol! Jacque is an experienced quilter, so she went to her LQS and chose her own fabrics. I had no clue what I was doing, so I signed on to this as a BOM from The Quilted Crow in MA with the thought that having them choose the fabrics for me would make this an easier process. And, it was. I learned so much about how fabrics "play with" the other fabrics once pieced.

Jacque and I started the embroidered sections of the blocks in 2011 and were stitching right along pretty smoothly... then I got intimidated by the piecing, so I put everything on the back burner... while Jacque went ahead and did some of her piecing. From 2011 until 2013 I watched numerous YouTube videos and read many books and blogs on piecing. Then practiced and practiced some more with my little Kenmore... trying to keep that scant 1/4" seam accurate so that all my blocks finished up at the proper size... and, finally... I got brave enough to start the actual piecing of Snow Days.... lol! Then, once I finished one section of blocks... I was eager to get to the next section... and the next.... until it was full steam ahead for a completion!

Whew! I can't believe I actually finished this quilt top! :-)

A big thank you to everyone that followed along with me on this quilt... having some cheerleaders with encouraging comments really did help me to keep trying! :-)

You can bet a big bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs that my next few projects will be pretty durn small ones! lol! ;-)



  1. well quilt top turned out so pretty - beautiful work - I had no idea this was your first major project

  2. That was a lot of work with the stitching and the piecing, but you did a beautiful job on both, what a wonderful quilt you will have for next winter.


  3. I am so excited and happy and just proud of you that you did it. So inspiring to me as well. It is beautiful.
    You did such a nice job Sharon.
    2010? I had no idea that was when you guys started it.
    What an incredible accomplishment!!!

  4. Truly magnificent, especially learning the story behind the quilt! Thanks for the close up pictures of the quilt... one can really appreciate the embroidery and piecing you accomplished, Sharon. And I really like how some of the embroidery "travels" into the pieced blocks! Bravo on the finish!

  5. I can't praise you enough and I am full of admiration for the finished top! It is truly awesome and a testament to your perseverance and skill!
    So wonderful!
    And you definitely deserve the Cadbury's mini eggs if not lots of Creme Eggs too!

  6. OH! OH! OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS!!!!! That is awesome, Sharon! I am so very proud of you, as I knew the experience you had (not) when we started on this quilt. I have to say that you did an incredibly fantastic job on this quilt...and it is beautiful!!! PROUD of you!!! I got waylaid several times and am nowhere near putting everything together. You did it!!! You persevered and you are done! There have been times when I truly thought neither of us would finish...and gosh, I am hoping that I finish mine before next winter...~grin~ If I were there, I'd be jumping up and down with excitement and JOY!!! Big hugs to you!!

  7. It has been fun seeing you accomplish each block.Now seeing it all together...WOW!

  8. Sharon,
    You should be so proud of yourself! Your very first big quilt and it is outstanding!! You did a fabulous job and I'm so glad you perservered and didn't give up. Big hugs, Lori

  9. Congratulations on a super finish! I can sense your euphoria after reading how much self teaching you did to get precision! I can relate as piecing is something I am trying to achieve-that scant 1/4 inch!!!! Don't stop now-loved watching your progress:) Shazy

  10. Beautiful!!! A labor of love.

    But wait! You can't be finished yet!
    The weather guys have another snowstorm planned for tomorrow night and Monday. What will you be working on???

  11. Sharon you sure went HUGE when you chose your first big quilt...what a beauty...have loved sharing in your progress...awesome job!!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! I know you must be proud to have it finished! I have a pattern maybe by the same company - Crabapple Hill - that I am working on. Well, I finished the embroidery and when I have time, I'll make the blocks. You did a great job!

  13. What a sweet idea! I love how the embroidery goes into the quilt....novice quilter here myself, but you couldn't have picked a more appropriate year to work on a snow themed quilt....love how it turned out!

  14. Congratulations Sharon! That is an amazing quilt...I've told you all along that your stitchery was perfection and now seeing it all together just blows my mind. Those are some challenging pieced blocks even for the 'more practiced' quilter. You did a great job, I love it!

  15. BRAVO my friend!!!! I am very proud of you to persevere!!!!
    Now, get a backing for it and get it totally finished!

    You should try some small Scnnibbles patterns next and make baby quilts and table toppers/runners!

    Bravo again!!!

  16. It's beautiful--what an accomplishment!

  17. Amazing Sharoooon!!!! That was one big project to take on!! I bet it feels Wonderful to have it finished :). Can't wait to see what is next on your list!

  18. I would not have guessed that you did not know what you were doing at the start. You certainly have done a good job of learning. I like how the embroidery goes over into pieced blocks in some areas. What is the next big project?

  19. OMG Sharon, what a beautiful job you did piecing it all together!!
    A great accomplishment!!

  20. Awesome! I have never seen it put together like that before. You did a great finish there. Stars have to be a favorite of mine. Your first you say....
    Simply marvelous!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS... What a great job you did on this Sharon. It looks fantastic and I know how difficult to make it justice in a photo. It's absolutely beautiful.
    I'm running so behind commenting.
    Take care, JB

  22. WONDERFUL! It is an amazing quilt and I feel like it was done in record time!!

  23. Congrats on your wonderful quilt top.

  24. Oh my gosh Sharon, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless. I would have never finished something like this, I would have given up a long time ago. You should be so proud that you kept on pushing ahead and here it is, all done. It is stunning to say the least. You are a true inspiration!! Great job. Now sit back and enjoy it!!! A job well done!! xoxoxo

  25. Oh my goodness....I have been away - I come back and look what I see !!
    This is gorgeous. So glad you finished this project. You can be proud. It is beyond lovely ;)

  26. It looks wonderful! I have this pattern too and I am like you, I am so scared to pick out all the fabrics. You should be very proud!! Gorgeous job.

  27. I love your quilt! I am so jealous! I have started another Crabapple Hill patterns... but it seems to be taking me forever! Congratulations!!!