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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Days Blocks 6, 7 and 8

Well... it's snowing (for real) again here... so it seems appropriate to post an update on the Snow Days quilt! lol!

Block 6...

Block 7...

Block 8...

This afternoon (while it's snowing again), I'll be indoors prepping the fabrics for the next set of Snow Days Blocks... and maybe I'll prep some (warm) woolie pieces for the next Tavern House Block...

Clicking my heels...

Spring will soon be here...

Spring will soon be here...

Spring will soon be here...




  1. I keep saying I am going to make a quilt with embroidery and have yet to start one - where are the embroidery patterns from?

  2. The grand question:
    Which will be finished first??? The snow or the Snow Days quilt?
    Let's hope it's the snow.
    I'm really enjoying the progress on the quilt.
    The snow? NOT!

    I was hoping to spend my day eating myself into a stupor. I like Cadbury eggs in hope of Easter. But Valentine's day candy on sale will have to do.

    Great minds must think alike.

  3. Our snow just started, we got out this morning and got back just as the first flakes came down. Got some movies and a good dinner, so now we can hunker down and relax and i can work on doodling.


  4. Sharon...I think you're pulling ahead of me. YIKES! And, I have too many projects going now that I cannot set aside. ~sigh~ Your blocks look great!!

  5. Me too...enjoying the progress you are making on this quilt! Your embroidery is just so perfect!

  6. You seem to be steaming ahead and it's looking fab! Hurray for snowy days!!!

  7. It all looks so lovely. It's going to be a real treasure when you're done.Hang in there Sharon, we are getting another major snow storm on top of the other one.


  8. Your quilt looks incredible. It is really turning out so wonderfully.
    Spring will soon be there,
    Don't give up hope. I saw the weather our warm weather is coming your way. ::)

  9. Of course, I love the progress on your piecing...
    but I LOVE that sunny yellow daffodil in the top right corner of your blog !!!
    Can hardly wait to see a garden full of their bobbing heads ;)

  10. Nice blocks Sharon...I love the piecing and stitching combo.

    Keep clicking, spring will be here....eventually.

  11. The blocks look great!!! How many more do you need to finish?

    I found a blog yesterday and the woman's husband did all the embroidery and she did the piecing and tracing...He did a nice job!
    He was working on the A-Z Crabapple Hill alphabets....which I'm dying to do!

    I hear more snow for Tuesday!!! :)


  12. We get so much quilting done in winter! LOL

  13. Keep clicking those heels!!! We got a few more inches this morning. UGH!
    Your quilt is looking mahvelous.
    Pug hugs :)

  14. I don't know if there is any correlation between the weather and your current project.......But how about putting it away and starting a "Spring/Summer Days" quilt. Lets see what happens!!!! LOL


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