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Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Days Blocks 12, 13 and 14

Oh yes I did!!! :-) All embroidered sections now have their pieced blocks attached to them! Yippeeee!

Block 12...
Block 13...
Block 14...

And, true to superstition... the cutting mistake of the quilt happened on Block 13! lol! I was being so careful (with ALL of these embroidered blocks) to cut them in the correct position to the pieced blocks. Well... when a person just looks at the pictures and then cuts... things don't always work out... so, after I looked at the picture, I made the bottom cut (then measured up) and then I noticed too much empty space above the embroidery on the top... well... that's because the "words part" of the instructions says to add 3" extra space beyond the bottom guideline and then cut! *ACK* Soooooo... after 30 seconds of panic and saying "Ain't no way I'm going to embroider that WHOLE block over again..."... I very calmly took the piece I cut off out of the trash.... and sewed that bugger back on again! lol! You can see the seam... but, I'll be adding more embroidery to that space...

So... the moral of the story is... no matter what happens...

"Keep Calm... and Quilt on"!!!



  1. OHMY!!! You are awesome! All done and ready for the next step. whew...been a long time coming, hey? And, congrats on sewing that fabric back together!

  2. Hahaha, that's exactly what I would have done too. Looks great.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I did the "oopsie cut" as well in one of the blocks and almost sat and cried and then I remembered that it's my quilt and if I want a spare seam, well then it's gonna be there!!!! Panic attack averted!
    Now get the whole thing into a top and quilted!!!!

  4. You did it!!! I am so impressed, What a work of art. It looks incredible and I wouldn't notice the seam.
    You really do inspire me.

  5. No one will ever know (except us readers!)--it's going to be awesome!

  6. Love it - the ultimate save of the day !!!

  7. That sounds like something I would do, lol. I have blocks to piece together and I know they are not right, so i will just go for it and if it is wonky, so be it;)


  8. The block looks awesome. I bet you are not the only one who made the same mistake on that block. The seam gives it caracter and you did the right thing by doing what you did. Maybe you can use that small section to embroider a date and your name just because it's your quilt.


  9. Only 30 seconds of panic? I'd say that's pretty good! I had to chuckle because earlier today I read directions more than once and still cut strips in the WRONG width!
    I love the softness of the fabrics you used for this beauty...the brown and beige with a touch of blue. Can't wait to see a picture of the whole quilt!

  10. You moved right along on these blocks. A finished quilt is just around the corner.

  11. The perfect solution! Yay for you Sharon. It's looking awesome!! Hugs, Lori


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