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Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Days Block 5 Outer Border & Center Section

OK. So. I'll be the first to admit that piecing can become an addiction... and rather than resist... I continued on to Block 5... *grin*

Here is the embroidered Block 5 together with it's pieced parts...

And here is Part 5 of the Center Section...

I now have all parts of the Inner Section complete, so I can put them all together.

Did you notice that there is some sunlight shining on the embroidery in the first picture? Yes... sunshine is the saving grace to all this snow and cold we've been getting. :-)

Tavern House Block 2 is almost complete... so, check back in a day or two for some pictures!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. WOW!!! You're really rockin' those blocks, woman! Looking so darn good. Proud of you! Patience and perseverance out! YAY!

  2. so pretty! and I am sure you are happy to see the sun.

  3. Yes I noticed the sun peeking through. It was a nice sunny day here too today. Hurry up and keep sewing, I'm anxious to see your quilt put together. I love those gorgeous embroidered patterns and your bloc colors. It's going to look stunning.

  4. Sunshine? What's that? LOL
    You're doing wonderful! Keep on assembling!!!!

  5. Beautiful Needle work and blocks. That is going to be a fantastic wallhanging!

  6. That looks gorgeous with the stitchery and the fabrics you used in the blocks, that is going to be a beautiful quilt.


  7. All that beautiful stitching and piecing......Girl, you have the patience of a saint! It's going to be fabulous. Sunny day here today too. Yay!

  8. Beautiful Sharon ! The sushine that is shining on that block, brings the "scene" to life ;) The houses on the rolling hills. Love your fabric choices.

  9. Truly lovely work! You are making super progress!

  10. While your blocks are perfectly pieced, I LOVE your stitchery. It is so beautiful. This is going to be a very lovely quilt!

  11. Love the colors and fabrics that you are using, and your stitchery is so perfect! Isn't it fun to piece an assortment of blocks? I really like the pinwheel inside of the star block in the top picture!

  12. Wow that is so great. What a beautiful quilt. Really piecing gets addicting? I would love still to do that Halloween quilt. The piecing scares me to death.
    I would love to get addicted to piecing though. That would be so cool.
    You inspire me so maybe I need to think that whole Halloween quilt out. I am so glad you have sunshine.

  13. It is so pretty! Glad you had a bit of sunshine. Are you getting more snow now?


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