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Monday, February 10, 2014

My Two Houses

Yah... right... I can only WISH I had a second house in a warmer climate! lol! I'm talking about Tavern House and Wisdom House... my two house QUILTS! ;-)

First up is Tavern House Block #2. This is an all wool version and I've whip stitched the edges with a single strand of coordinating DMC.

While stitching on this, I'm thinking that some decorative embroidery stitches might perk it up a bit... so, I'll wait until I finish all of the blocks and then go back and embellish away!

I also have my Wisdom House Quilt back from being longarm quilted... I've had it for a while now... was hoping to have the binding on it before sharing pics... but, the binding is taking me a while and who knows when this snow will disappear so I can get some full length pics outside... so, here's a couple of close-ups, just so you can see the quilting. I requested an overall design rather than custom as I feel there is enough to look at with the applique... and custom quilting may have made the quilt too busy. It's a pantograph called Forest Floor. The quilting was done by Karen Thompson of Poppy Court Quilting.

So there you have it... call it "101 ways to keep your mind off the fact that it's snowing AGAIN"... or call it just plain ol' fun... either way... I'm very happy to have all these little projects to keep me busy indoors until Spring arrives! :-)



  1. Those are beautiful wool choices, and it is fun to embellish after you finish. Love the quilting design on your quilt, really does work well with the design.


  2. Wow those are great, I think I need snow, lots of snow! I would love to be able to get that much done. I am sorry though that it is snowing again.
    I am sending you warm balmy breezes, with palm trees swaying around. :)

  3. I've just picked up my very first wool projects (kits). They are small because I thought that would be a good size to learn on. Your block is pretty...hope my stitches will be that consistent.

    Love Love Love the quilting on your Wisdom House. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  4. WOW! I know you see me working with bright colors with my quilting, but the colors in that block for Tavern House warmed me right up! I love it! And, the quilting is wonderful. A nice unobtrusive quilt pattern, for sure! Good choice, girl! You're keeping busy and getting things done...more than I can say for myself. I seem to add two projects to every one I get done.

  5. LOVE your wool applique and the quilt isn't too shabby, either.
    Snow, snow, go AWAY ~ and don't come back.
    Hugs :)

  6. love that first one, but it does need buds or berries or something, good idea to hold off and coordinate it all.

    that quilt though is amazing, hope to see it when all the binding is done.

  7. Live the fact that you used all over quilting on an otherwise busy quilt. I love custom quilting, but sometimes you just don,t need it. Great choice. Can't wait to see it. And the colors in your wool appliqué are yummy. Some simple decorative stitching just might enhance that lively old fashioned feel of it.

  8. Looking forward to seeing how you embellish your wool project... I think it's a great idea!
    Wisdom House is beautiful, as is the quilting! Don't forget to show a picture of the entire quilt once the binding is done, and the weather start to cooperate for outdoor pictures!

  9. The quilting looks good on the house quilt. I agree that custom quilting would probably have gotten lost. I have opted for the same thing on an applique quilt that has a lot going on.

  10. Loving both of these projects !
    The wool flower makes my heart sing...a beautiful canvas for embellishment ;)


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