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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got Snow?

Well... at least this waited until AFTER the Super Bowl... and... even though I've had my fill of clearing snow from the sidewalk and driveway... even I have to admit, it sure looks pretty outside!

We already have another Winter Storm Warning posted for tonight... though this one will be more of a rain and freezing rain event... so, hopefully today's mid-30's (F) temps will melt some of this heavy stuff from the tree branches...

In the meantime... here's a picture of another inside section of the center grouping of squares from the Snow Days quilt saga...

I'll be stitching on a wool project today (Tavern House)... if for no other reason, the wool will help keep me warm! lol! :-)

Until next time...



  1. Sharon...LOVELY blocks! You're doing so well!!!! In my opinion, snow is pretty only when one is inside a cozy warm house. I, for one, would not miss it one little bit.

  2. Yep, got plenty of snow here too! It does look so pretty on the trees. Love how your Snow Days is coming along Sharon. Great colors too. Enjoy your Tavern House blocks. I know Pam is doing them along with you. Have a good day and stay safe. Hugs, Lori

  3. Wow the snow scenes look awesome! You are sure getting quite a bit done on your Snow Days quilt!

  4. Your blocks are perfect. You are going to be finished before long.
    Yes, having those big warm things in my lap is so nice verses in the summer when sweat rolls down the backs of my legs.
    You have done such a nice job.

  5. Your pictures are so pretty as is the snow. I'm sure your are ready for it to be gone.

    Your Snow Days quilt is coming right along...very pretty blocks!

  6. Beautiful pictures of the fresh fallen snow. Everything looks so clean. I don't mind snow when it's not cold but I sure mind it when it very cold.

    Your quilt blocks ate so well done. Great job sewing those points.


  7. Come visit me. It is about 80 and I have the sewing room window wide open letting in some fresh air.

  8. I do love how everything is covered in white, beautiful but cold.
    Your new blocks are coming along nicely.


  9. I am really loving the colors in these blocks! And wool is my favorite fabric to work with!
    Te snow is pretty but oh my there's too much for me,

  10. it looks very pretty! where are you located I don't see it on your blog - we in Arkansas have had ice today and lost power once already - I do hope it starts to warm up soon so it will melt but has not hit 32 yet today!

  11. Yes, we have snow too! Supposed to get to zero degrees this week and more snow over the weekend. I dont' think ours will be leaving anytime soon.

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I hate to admit it but I found your photos of the snow very pretty! Yep... I know..strange coming from someone who is buried head high in it right now! I don't think it is EVER going to warm up around here!!
    You are doing fabulous on your quilt blocks... so even and nice colors! A wool project would be good to warm up a bit!! Stay safe in the coming storms and will look forward to more pics of your progress!!
    Warm hugs from the frozen hinterlands of WI!!
    Cathy G

  13. Looks like a winter wonderland! Pretty!!

  14. I always think snow looks so pretty in pictures, just not in person. Lol. We are getting a new blanket of the stuff tomorrow. Seems like every Wednesday it storms.

  15. We got snow. We got ice.
    Now how about we got warm weather and sunshine?
    Enough of winter!
    Stay safe and warm. It will be over, someday....

  16. I am loving the lights and darks in your snow quilt. I am eager to see the quilt come together. I have a feeling it is going to be magnificent !
    Lovely pics ;)


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