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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yep... It's January...

Yesterday was "take down the tree day"... that lovely pillar of lights and shiny ornaments that added visual warmth and coziness to our little home for Christmas is now all but a memory... *sigh*

We went from Friday having a storm that blanketed us with 10" of snow... to Sunday and Monday having torrential rains and near 60 degrees... to today being a dirty, rotten, stinkin' VERY uncomfortable 5 degrees with horrid winds to bring the "real feel" to "sub-zero-I-am-SOOOO-happy-our-home-has-indoor-plumbing"... Yikes! ;-)

Yep... it's January...

So, let's make some Valentines to brighten the day... that's what I did yesterday! I had this ModaBakeShop tutorial bookmarked for some time now... always meaning to give it a try... it looked simple enough... And since it's near Valentine's Day, I picked out a heart shaped wire wreath frame and then shopped my stash... I found some cream fabric with white and red flowers on it... and since burlap seems to be all the rage now (but I did not have any in stash), I used my excess of osnaburg for a similar look.

This one finishes up at 15" from top to bottom. The frame has 3 rows of wire... so I alternated osnaburg, cotton fabric, osnaburg... and used a pair of pinking shears to eyeball cutting the pieces to approximately 1-1/2" x 5". So now it's hanging on our front door... I'm very surprised no icicles had formed on it overnight.... geesh! ;-)

I've also started some piecing of Snow Days, but haven't been brave enough to cut the embroidered blocks to size yet and attach to the pieced blocks. Plus, I'm still learning (practicing) piecing and getting the sizes accurate... in other words... this will take me some time, but it will get done!

It's also been another month or so of sorting, tossing and donating... I can not put to words how much "lighter" I feel that all that clutter is G-O-N-E! Now I can think about the important stuff a bit more clearly...

Until next time... stay healthy, keep smiling and stay warm!



  1. Way too cold outside, lol. I love your wreath, never saw that one.
    I was thinking about what to make, never thought of heart shaped, duh.
    Will have to pick up one when I go to jo anns. I used to do rag wreaths, years ago and great way to use up stash.


  2. Yup, same weather. Yesterday the warm up and heavy rain and then a flash freeze so the town is just one big skating rink. SO SICK OF WINTER. Love the wreath. Thinking of Valentines Day puts us just that much closer to Spring. Lol

  3. I love that heart. IT is awesome. Your piecing looks perfect to me.
    I can't wait to see your Snow Days quilt.
    Yes, I can well imagine the embroidered part would be hard to cut. I never thought about that.
    Yes, clearing out and get rid of clutter is always a nice feeling.
    Stay inside and stay warm that is such cold.

  4. Your blocks look great! Love the heart :o)

  5. Your piecing looks fantastic! That is another quilt I would love to make....just not enough hours to stitch! Love the heart too-great job:)

  6. Congrats on your purging. I sure need to do that, too.
    Thankfully this frigid will start to end tomorrow!!! I am so not a winter gal.
    Sweet heart. Can't believe the stores had out Valentine stuff before the Christmas season was over.
    Stay warm and safe.
    Hugs :)

  7. Well good for you for bringing our that sweet heart of a wreath. We sure need some new direction with this winter..
    Your wreath looks just beautiful and your quilt points are perfect.

    Happy New Year .

  8. I love your wreath...you have inspired me to bring out some Valentine decorations..Hope you are staying warm...

  9. Such a cute wreath...you did a great job using what you have in your stash. (You must have an amazing stash)

    Stay warm and Happy 2014!

  10. Oh Sharon thank you for posting this...am going to grab a wreath today and have a magnificent project for Mom...get those idle hands busy! Will choose some prim Spring colors...

    Snow Days leaves me in awe...you and Jacque get so much done!

  11. Great job on the heart wreath...and done ahead of time to boot! YAY! You are doing great on 'snow days'. Someday, we will get them done!

  12. The heart wreath is so cute! Snow days is coming right along and looking great!

  13. love the wreath, just too cute!
    you're doing great with those blocks,
    I still can't get good points like I want to.
    Miles to go before I get there!

  14. Your wreath is perfect Sharon !
    Love the quilt blocks. I am not a quilter, but can really appreciate the work that goes into them.

  15. What a lovely Valentine heart...beautiful quilt blocks as well! Perfect piecing.
    Sending warm hugs...

  16. Such a wonderful Valentine door greeter! Looking forward to seeing that quilt done this year :)

  17. pretty fabrics for your blocks.
    I just saw that Debbie of Woolen Sails made the same kind of wreath.


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