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Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Days Inside Section 3

This Snow Days quilt has a center area that is all pieced. The Quilted Crow organized this BOM so that the first 5 months included some of these inside pieces along with the outside embroidered and pieced blocks... with that said, here is the "Section 3" of the center completed...

Jacque has been stitching on this right along with me (over the last 3 years)... so she has heard the brunt of my piecing trial and errors (and more errors and mishaps)... does that make her my Patron Saint of Quilting? lol! :-) My last rant was about the Martha Washington Block... that's the little 6" bugger in the upper right of the pic. The center pinwheel is rotated funky... but, hey... why not stitch some of my own personality in this quilt, right? :-)

So here's a picture of part of my bench... the paper on the left has the entire layout of the quilt, along with the sections marked out as they were mailed. And, in the "scraps and ort jar" is a very important ingredient to "patient piecing"... can you see it? lol! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am smiling now that I've enlarged the pic and spotted the wrapper! Chocolate!!! Can't over estimate how much it calms frazzled tempers when piecing! Excellent tip!
    Seriously it looks amazing, great job.

  2. will be great when you get it done! I do not have a jar, i have "piles" of missteps, and mistakes :(. still plugging away with stitching them though, have a great weekend!

  3. I wouldn't have noticed it you hadn't told me, love quilts that are a bit off, gives them more charm.


  4. Under my breath ,I say "a mistake is a lesson learned." :)
    Keep going... it gets better!

  5. Your little mistake is not noticeable and I'm glad that you are sewing all these points. I would really make a mess. I really have to learn to sew points neatly. I'm hopeless in that department.
    Your work looks good.

  6. I love Hershey kisses with almonds ;)

  7. You're so funny...Patron Saint...lol. You are doing a great job!!! Those blocks are lookin' good, girl! Pepsi is my calm.

  8. I can't wait to see that all finished. I love it! I haven't done quilting much, love those points LOL!

  9. Beautiful work.
    Chocolate makes it all good ;)

  10. I have been looking around your blog posts and enjoying the view. The Snow Days blocks pique my interest along with the Wisdom House blocks. Well done. Wisdom House is on my wish list.

  11. Those Martha Washington blocks gave me fits when I was doing mine too.
    Yours is coming along just fine.....take it slow and steady and before you know it you'll have it done!
    Do you have plans for it? I have mine hanging in the hallway on the second floor....I couldn't bear to have anyone wrapping themselves up in it :)

  12. I am so impressed with your work. I think it is just fantastic.
    I do think Jacque is not on the patron saint of quilters but rug hookers too.
    I don't know what I would do without her.
    Are you about finished with that quilt? I think it looks great.

  13. Perfection is overrated... making it "yours" is special!
    I'm under the belief that quilting/sewing goes much better with an occasional chocolate melting in your mouth!

  14. This next batch of blocks is great and I think ALL of your blocks are perfect!


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