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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hot off the frame! This still needs steamed and binding... but, I'm thrilled to have a piece hooked so early in the year! This is a pattern I picked up at the Brandywine Hook-in last October...

13" x 20"
Hooked on linen with #6 cut hand dyed and as-is woolens

And here is my "bench" where I hook, applique and quilt... it's in our partially finished basement. This is how it looks during the hooking process...

... and next I'll show the "transformation" into a quilting area! lol!

You know... at one point in time I had dreams of having a HUGE creative room where I could have many projects (of different mediums) in progress all at once... and, of course a HUGE stash of wool and cottons and threads... but, that would require me buying a bigger house... and a bigger house means more space to clean too... and all that extra cleaning time would cut into my creative time... so, I guess I'm more than happy with my little space here... and it's transformations to entertain the current whim... :-)

And that folks... is what a brain thinks about when hooking primitive Santas in sub zero temperatures... lol

"Say Goodnight, Gracie"...




  1. Klaus is beautiful! I'm not a hooker, but I certainly appreciate the work that goes into such a project!
    I like how you rationalize the bigger house vs. more house to clean vs. craft time...
    Sub zero temps? Where do you live????

  2. That is such a fun piece and you did a beautiful job on the color selections, love it. I noticed you have the cutter stand, did you get that from Lois? She hasn't had her online store up for a long time, but she does sell wool on ebay.


  3. I love your project Sharon. Time creativing > time cleaning. Stay warm and keeping creating :)

  4. ohhhhhhh...I really like that, Sharon! Great work! Was this a kit or did you have the woolens? I told you that I used to hook some of the time with #6 cut strips...and liked it. Your rug is beautiful!!!

  5. What a great, funky Santa. I've never seen that pattern before but LOVE him. I still dream of a dedicated crafty/hooking room. Someday

  6. He's wonderful. You're right. The more space we have, the more work we have, the more stuff we cram. Vicious circle!!

  7. that a great klaus! like the area, you are right on track over the cleaning!

  8. I am in love with this quirky Santa !!
    He has personality galore ;)
    You have done a nice job with him.
    Your work area looks perfect to me !

  9. I love your Santa!
    Great job!!
    Love from Italy,

  10. What a fun rug...colors are perfect! Looking forward to your next project...

  11. What a deligthful design...very nicely hooked...There are days when I too wish I owned a larger home, but as you said it would require more cleaning and in turn less time for doing the things we love to do...Let the dust bunnies rule...Have a nice day...

  12. THUD.... I'm picking myself up here. You finished one you bought at the hook in!!! Way to go :) Can't wait to see what's next!

  13. LOVE this project!! Your sewing studio looks good to me, I like your reasoning. :)

  14. I really like this and I like the picture of where you work. I think having a smaller house with less to clean is the right idea. If I didn't have to clean all of the time think of the things I could try and work on and all of that.
    Though I admit to wishing I had a basement.
    I think it is always fun to visit you and see what you have been doing.

  15. Sharon, I love that Santa rug.
    I agree, bigger room means more cleaning and less creating time.
    You're off to a good start and we are only January 12 today. Way to go girl...
    I'm looking forward to your next creation. They are always beautiful...

  16. Hey Sharon-
    See why you haven't started on our project. Love the Santa. You did a lovely job. Have never seen that pattern before. Will e-mail you.

  17. Hi Sharon! Your rug is just so gorgeous I am so happy for you!
    You definitely have the right idea in settling for a house that's easier to clean meaning more fun time!
    Hope you have lots of fun this week!

  18. What a jolly fellow he it! Great rug Sharon!! Thanks for showing us. I like your work area. Hugs, Lori

  19. Sharon,
    I've always wanted to do projects like Santa....I just can't add one more "craft" to my list of things I do :)

  20. He's really sweet Sharon!!!
    Having a spot to work and make a mess is a good thing!!!

  21. nice! I hope to start hooking a rug this year. do you have any favorite sites I should visit before I get started? I have a couple of books to help me out.


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