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Friday, December 13, 2013

NJ Antique Radio Club Holiday Party

This video is for the folks that enjoy the antique radio hobby... we are members of the NJ Antique Radio Club, and every year they have a wonderful Holiday party... this video includes some scenes from this year's "gift giving" part of the evening...

And, if you visit here just for the stitchy stuff... stay tuned! I'm working on a project that is a little bit different from what I have been doing...

Stay warm and enjoy your Merry Making! Only 11 days to go before Christmas Day is here!!! :-)



  1. I love to LOOK at antique radios !!
    Can hardly wait to see what you have been stitching. ;)
    Stay warm ! Rose

  2. hahaha, that was a fun gift giving and stealing video. We play that game after Christmas dinner. We use two deck of playing cards and everyone gets some cards and when the card matches the card that is called they get to pick a gift from the pile and when there are no more gifts in the pile, they go and steal from each other. No one opens their gift until the end.

    One year my daughter wrapped a brick and everyone was after the heavy gift. What laughter when everyone opened their treasures and the coveted gift turned out to be a brick... It was hilarious. Everyone bring a number of small gifts.

    Keep warm and safe.


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