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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Will Soon Be Here

I'm sitting at my bench with cup of coffee in hand... this is the time that I'm usually reading blogs... but, thought it would be better to write a post here... I like to keep posts kind of on the short side and there is so much to show and tell... So, let me start off with some Christmas decorating...

Fifteen years in our home and I've been through so many phases of decorating... from shiny flashy bling... to the latest trend... to (one year) nothing at all... and this year it all just feels comfortable! I find the best decorations are handmade...  each piece has the thoughts of the person who crafted it... the newest addition is gifted to me by Debbie of Woolensails. She needlepunched these two Joy ornaments and stitched up the square sachet that is stuffed with balsam! Ahhhh... the scent of Christmas!

 I've also spent some time stitching for this season... this is a Pineberry Lane design called "A Merry Christmas Redwork Sampler". I stitched it with charted threads and linen... then stitched it to a pillow that I made with wool and stuffed it with wool snippets and some balsam. For accent, I added the tiniest jingle bells and safety pins...

OK. Have to go refill my cup with some more coffee... here are a few more pictures of decorating... I'll have more in a day or two... including that one "mystery project" I mentioned in my last post...

Merry Christmas!



  1. I so enjoy seeing how my blogger friends decorate their home for Christmas. Your decorations are wonderful and brings a nice comfy feeling.

    I've been using some ornaments for 46 years and broke some on the way. I keep getting ornaments gifts every year so my style hasn't changed much. I'm stuck in a rut but I decorate for the kids.

    Wishing you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to you. Your decorating is beautiful.

  3. Lovin' all your decorations. It's always fun to see how others decorate for the holidays.

  4. Lovely Sharon! I must agree...handmade lovelies, heirloom treasures, and meaningful trinkets seem the best...each tells a precious story.
    Sending festive hugs your way...

  5. I love seeing your stitcheries in your home, it makes everything look so warm. I also love my stitchery in my house;) You are so thoughtful and it was such a surprise when I got home and not only found the beautiful pillow, but a Christmas tape. I was just out shopping and they didn't have any good tapes in the store and I love irish music:)


  6. your decorating is wonderful!
    lovely spots, projects, and snowmen!

  7. Such pretty decorations...warm and festive! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Gorgeous! Homemade is the best.
    I joined your site ... I 'm off to read your other posts :)
    Prim Blessings.. Marg


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