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Friday, October 11, 2013

Wisdom House Block 9 and 9A

Cruising right along with this quilt project! :-) It's getting closer and closer to where all the blocks can be sewn together... so this is an exciting incentive to stitch a bit faster! :-)

The Block 9 is the house and trees on the left. The pattern instructions said to piece Block 8 to 9 and add some sashing... so that Block 9A can be accomplished. The pieces that make up Block 9A are the stars on the top and bottom sashing... and the basket of berries on the middle piece of sashing.
Seeing two blocks together with some sashing just simply amazed me! I was surprised to see how the "blocks together" looked different than "one block at a time"! lol! This sparked the energy to "stitch forward full steam ahead"... ;-)

I did take some time out of yesterday to put a few more items on eBay. Some Stacy Nash kits, some toile painting brushes, Quiltmania magazines and a hooked rug... click HERE to visit the auctions...

Well... I'm off to start prepping Block 10 *big smile*....

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Looking ever so pretty! It's getting really exciting now that you are nearly finished!

  2. WOW...you are absolutely right! Those look fabulous! You are doing an awesome job with this, Sharon. Happy, indeed! You're rockin' it! Looking forward to it all being done and put together. xo

  3. The sashing really does make a difference and brings it all together. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.


  4. Wow, this looks very beautiful. I can't wait to see the next block.
    I hope that you get a lot done on this quilt this weekend.
    Have a productive week.

  5. Love it Sharon...you're doing such a great job of stitching!

  6. Sharon,
    Great job on your blocks. Love what you have gotten done so far. It will be a wonderful quilt. Keep at it! Hugs, Lori

  7. This is beautiful Sharon.
    Love the small stars !
    So much fun when you can begin the assembly.

  8. Those are great blocks Sharon! Can't wait to see the entire quilt when you are finished.

    I seem to sew faster & faster the closer I get to the end of my projects too!

  9. That certainly does look great!
    Didn't realize that there are all those cute little added appliques in the sashing. Oh, it just keeps getting better!


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