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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wisdom House Block 7

Another block completed on Wisdom House! Feels good to be getting some serious progress accomplished on this quilt. This is Block 7 and is a 12" x 12". It did not take much time at all. The next couple should finish just as quick...

At the risk of sounding like a meteorological parrot... I absolutely LOVE this Autumn weather we are having!!! The sunshine and cool air certainly do put a spring in my step. The yard is getting a much needed clean up and quite a few outdoor "round-to-it's" are getting done! Not to mention stitching on the back patio... oh my! :-)

I've listed a few more things on eBay... some more cross stitch patterns... and a wool quilt kit... if you think you might need some stitchy projects for the Fall... click HERE to check them out!

Watching the Mecum Car Auction tonight... along with a Nascar race... NFL is upon us too... it seems there is nothing on TV for so long... and then it's ALL on at the same time? Good thing I can catch Duck Dynasty and Amish Mafia at my leisure on the internet... lol! ;-) Seriously though... that's about all the TV I watch all year right there...

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Love those house blocks.
    Fall is my favorite time too, so you can't say it often enough for me! The cooler weather is so invigorating! I might even be inspired to do something for once. Ha-ha!

  2. Nice work, Sharon! You're moving right along on your projects, which is a good thing. Perhaps you'll finish them all in this lifetime...lol. Looking forward to seeing this one put together. Fall? Not here! Air conditioner is running.

  3. Beautiful block, really want to start some applique projects but they will have to wait till after the holidays.


  4. Love the star on the side of the house. Adds that something "extra".

  5. Your quilt block is lovely !
    And, yes, the weather is heavenly. ;)

  6. Lovely little house. You are quilting and stitching up a storm lately.
    Uhmm, Amish Mafia??? Really......?

  7. I love your little house block design. Great material for the roof and the house. It looks like fun sewing.

  8. such a cute block. I think the race is in my area this weekend. I know I have see a lot of cars go by on the highway.


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