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Saturday, July 6, 2013


When I was a kid... I LOVED Summer... we had an above ground pool in our backyard... and from sun up to sun down... you could always find me there... swimming, tanning while floating around on a raft, jogging around the edges and making a whirl pool... staying cooooooool. Well... I don't have a pool in my backyard anymore... so, Summer is no longer high on my list of favorites.... lol! Our Summer right now is very hot, swampy humid and full of ferocious attack mosquitoes... please... bring me back some Spring (which I was so very much enjoying while it was here)... or, send along some crisp Autumn breezes...

I am very grateful that we have a couple of window air conditioners that keep our main floor pretty cool during these days. So, I stay close to one and stitch... I've been stitching on this "Cat & Mouse Pinkeep & Slipper" (a design by Stacy Nash) for about a month (on and off). The solid area of the cat took some time. Then the 3 pieces sat for about a week because I was afraid I would ruin the piece that was stitched for the front of the slipper. This was a first try at a slipper... and I can say that it went rather smoothly.

The linen I used is a 35ct WDW Cappuccino. It's the linen I had won from Carolina Stitcher's giveaway a little while back. It's so easy to stitch on and the color of it has a perfect antique glow about it! Thanks so much Faye! This was a great linen for this design! I also substituted most of the threads on this piece. I'm trying dearly to use up what I have and only order new when absolutely necessary.

And lastly, although a little bit late, I did finish the July Wool Banner. It went rather quickly as there weren't a lot of small pieces or specialty stitches... I guess you could say it was "smooth sailing"... lol! ;-)

Many more projects in the works... I'm trying to finish the projects that I have started before I start anything new... so look forward to seeing progress pictures on my piecing of the Snow Days quilt and applique of the Wisdom House quilt (both of those started in 2011)... hand quilting of the Pretty in Leaves Runner and hand quilting of the Primitive Gatherings Sheep mini quilt... then, I just might hook a rug... :-)

Until next time... Stay Healthy & Keep on Smiling!



  1. Cute projects Sharon. It is hard to focus in the heat of summer. We have no home a/c but I do have a friend with a pool, which is where I spent yesterday afternoon :). So I recommend finding a neighbor with a pool and make friends fast. Lol

  2. Sharon, your stitching projects are all so well done. I love your July banner and the cross stitch pieces They all turned out very well.
    We don't have an a/c or a pool either but I love my shower and living close to the river is nice as we get a nice breeze from the water but It's been a real hot day with sweat running in my eyes today.

    Try to stay cool.

  3. Those are wonderful piece, I always admire you stitching.
    It is too darn hot for sure, can't do much myself, even with the air on.


  4. Absolutely beautiful finishes! Beautiful work on Cat and Mouse!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Great projects, Sharon! Looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm with you! I don't much enjoy summer at all anymore!
    We are down here in the Hudson River valley, and it seems like it was never this hot when we were kids!
    Love your little kitty and mice projects!

  7. Great finishes Sharon! You are doing good finishing up what you have. Looking forward to seeing what other projects you will be working on. Bravo to you for using what you have. I would love to do that.......but then I got the new Rebecca Erb wool samples today. Need I say more?! lol hugs, Lori

  8. Hey Sharon...summer to me was laying in the grass and watching the life around me, bike rides, fishing...but didn't much like water. Now, I just like the fact that there is not snow. ~grin~ WOW...you are really getting some awesome pieces finished! Love the three piece set...especially the slipper. And, the smooth sailing banner is perfect for this month. Keep up the great work.

  9. Looks like you found the PERFECT project for the linen!!! Looks great and believe me, it's sweltering here in the Carolinas also..... Sit tight by the AC!!!

  10. lovely pieces.. hard to do stitching when it is so darn hot!


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